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What if your new bike came with a crate?

Bowerly Lane Bikes understands the need and desire for storage on your two-wheeled peddaler. Instead of giving you some zip ties and wishing you good luck, they’ve gone out of their way to provide a vintage-styled, wooden crate. It’s not technically a milkcrate, but we all know where the inspiration came from. –> Bowery Lane Bicycles: Handmade in NYC via Re-Nest

Crate Stool Modification


Sometimes a simple idea only needs a little nudge to get to a better place. Simon AncherĀ  & Bruce Nye designed this simple wooden modification for Aussie milkcrates to transform them into more proper seating. –> State of Design Festival, Simon Ancher on Designboom




Vintage Wooden Crate for sale in NH


This popped up from New Hampshire. A vintage Abbott’s Dairy wooden milkcrate for $40. Near Milford, go get it.

I guess this is a milkcrate


This kind of home made looking crate is quite interesting. It’s pretty clearly made by someone who has seen a milk crate before, kind of old – but not too old. – via lamanyana on flickr

Firewood Storage Crate


The real world provides a never-ending supply of material for the blog. I’m not sure where this house is, but they have found a beautiful old wooden & metal Carnation brand milkcrate that is now in use as their firewood box. via–> A Great Leap in the Dark, 11 Weeks Later…

Antique Milkcrates

Crates I can’t afford.