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WD-40 Recognizes the Milkcrate

Ok, WD-40 isn’t just recognizing milkcrates–they are also celebrating their 40th anniversary. But they do have milkcrates in the ads, which I like. I don’t wanna get nit picky but I have to mention that the milkcrate has changed over 40 years. Details…I’ll let it go. Milkcrates in any national campaign is all good to me. –> WD-40 Celebrates Old-Age with 1950s-Style Can via Wired’s Gadget Lab

Unis in NYC is Crate Savy

Unis in New York is a high end line and store. Their relaxed interior features a vintage metal milkcrate. –> Sit and Read x Unis Chairs via Cool Hunting

What if your new bike came with a crate?

Bowerly Lane Bikes understands the need and desire for storage on your two-wheeled peddaler. Instead of giving you some zip ties and wishing you good luck, they’ve gone out of their way to provide a vintage-styled, wooden crate. It’s not technically a milkcrate, but we all know where the inspiration came from. –> Bowery Lane Bicycles: Handmade in NYC via Re-Nest

Kid Crates Party

Design Sponge did a little piece about throwing a party for kids on a budget. The party is quite elaborate and includes a photo booth, with a vintage milk crate stool for the kiddies. I think I could put my dogs Punkass & Snoop Dogg up there. They’d mug for the camera. –> A Creative but Budget-Friendly Kid’s Party via Design Sponge

‘Helpful’ Man Steals ‘Stolen’ Milk Crate

I love this craig’s list post. A man was carrying home vintage milk crates (no mention of where he obtained them) two helpful men offered to assist him and one walked off with the best one of the bunch. He posts this to recover his stolen property.

from the post:

I was carrying home some vintage milk crates this morning and struggling to juggle them all. Two amazing trash collectors offered to help me carry them to my apt down the street, and an older gentleman expressed interest in my crates and then proceeded to walk off with one of them! If you know anyone who “found” a vintage Hood milk crate on Cooper St. this morning – He actually took the nicest of the bunch and should really give it back.

Vintage Wire Milk Crate


High Street Market on Etsy is selling 2 of these cute vintage wire milkcrates. I’ve considering it, I really am, just $10. –> Vintage White Milk Crate, wire grid with a green handle

retro-wire-milkcrate-02 retro-wire-milkcrate-03

Vintage Wooden Crate for sale in NH


This popped up from New Hampshire. A vintage Abbott’s Dairy wooden milkcrate for $40. Near Milford, go get it.

Antique Milkcrates

Crates I can’t afford.