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Crate Cushions


So simple and so right, Etsy maker NotToday created these clever and functional cushions for your milk crate seating. They are a little pricey for my cheap behind (grid marks are not sexy) but you guys out there should get some. Poor Man’s Patio Milk Crate Chairs via Renter’s Relief on Michi Girl

Crateoons via Canada


This little toon by Mr. Eric Dyck is a nice glimpse of life in Canada. Milkcrates are everywhere, but we know this. via Eric’s –> Mon Qui Towne comics

Sad Milkcrate News

Not all milkcrate news is positive. The top photo is the aftermath of a crash where the two victims were sitting and talking in Florida. The one man was sitting on a milkcrate talking with a friend who was sitting in the chair. –> via NewsSun.com, Week in Photos Gallery

The second photo is of an unknown woman who was killed crossing the street with her walker. She is described as 5’3″ tall, weighing around 110 pounds with gray hair and brown eyes. She was walking with a metallic red walker, and had a gray milk crate attached to the walker. –> via MyFoxTampaBay.com, Who was this accident victim?

Waffle House Wedding features crate seating

Waffle House Wedding

My old intern Jessica Hill sent me this info and at first I was afraid to even post it. A wondrous couple from Georgia got hitched up at the local Waffle House. The pics above tell some of the tale: milkcrate seats!–> Scattered, smothered, covered and hitched – Couple marries at Waffle House