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Donkey Crates

You’ve heard of Donkey Kong, we’ll this involves an actual Donkey–with milk crates. Sent in by Monte, thanks again. via Wild Fermentation.com

Scooter Support

My sweet wife, Amy, took this photo on a walk in Philadelphia. She’s not as “into milkcrates” as I am, but she’s super supportive–spotting crates everywhere, shooting pictures and everything.

Crateman Strikes Again!

Part of the amazing crateman legacy, a new one in Cape Town, South Africa made of Coca-Cola crates. Crateman via Mental_Floss

Crates + DJ + Poster

DJs and milkcrates go together like white on rice. A buddy just sent me this great RjD2 poster featuring the object of my affections. –> Waxin’ And Milkin’ via FFFound

Crate Pattern Love


Chris Lemmen’s photoblog recently featured this great detail shot of a milkcrate. –> See more at his photoblog

Crate Kids


Kids and milk crates go together like PB & J. –>via Silence is Broken blog, we are here, honest …

Tech Kids Gay for Milk Crates


The students of Illonois Institute of Technology created this great lawn installation using milkcrates and some wedge shaped elements. It’s very well done and I’m surprised it didn’t come up on my crate-dar sooner. via–> Thank You For Your Submission, Lawn installations at Illinois Institute of Technology

Milkcrate Crabbing Contraption

This story’s been around, and I’m ashamed to admit that I wasn’t on it sooner. But, better late than never, crabbing with milkcrates in Bodega Bay, California, what could yummier. –> Via kk.org, Milk-Crate Crab Pots

The Milk Crate Office

Home Office Snapshots does just what it says it does. I’m not crazy about the salty post title, but the crates are represented, so I’ll let that go. –> Milk Crates, That’s New


These amazing milk crate briefcases will be the envy of the suits if you can figure out where to buy them. via Land+Living.com –> BriefCrate