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Storvino is kind of like a milkcrate



The Storvino is a wine storage system, that looks remarkably like a milkcrate. Each unit will cost you $19.99 and it comes in 3 nice colors, Nero (black), Burgundy (deep red), Blanc (white, get it they are like wines! … amazingly clever). You can buy them on Amazon, or learn more on the Storvino web site. Of course, if you don’t wanna spend $20 bucks you can just do this. –> milkcrate wine rack

The Milkcrate Kid


This kid is gonna be awesome. He has his Dad to thank. Matt Burga spotted and shot this in Australia (i think) and sent it in. Thanks Matt. via–> Matt Burga’s Flickr

Crate cuteness!

Cuter by the Hour

Cute Overload

This little kitty in a milkcrate came by way via Cuter By The Hour. That got me thinking, I should check Cute Overload for crate pics…and then I found the above picture of the little doggie in the milk crate. –> Waiting for the Milk Delivery –> The redonkulousness continues…

My new crate bike rig

A while back, I bungeed this 6 gallon crate onto my bike. Problems came on a heavy load trip because my tie down wasn’t so tight. This new edition fixes a piece of plywood, which is then screwed to the milk crate. It’s super solid now.