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So Urban

Photo by Wai Lin Tse

Milkcrates are hip. It’s official because Urban Outfitters is again using them in photo shoots. This photo by Wai Lin Tse popped up on Abduzeedo



Max Wanger Crate Photo

Ok, this is actually not about the crates, per se. But milkcrates are everywhere and once again a great photog makes it part of the whole. –> via Max Wanger Photography

Kid Crates Party

Design Sponge did a little piece about throwing a party for kids on a budget. The party is quite elaborate and includes a photo booth, with a vintage milk crate stool for the kiddies. I think I could put my dogs Punkass & Snoop Dogg up there. They’d mug for the camera. –> A Creative but Budget-Friendly Kid’s Party via Design Sponge

Milkcrate Matrimony Ride

Garrett Grove has a ton of great wedding photography on his site, but these are of particular interest on our fine site here.

Crate Flicks


Screen shot 2009-10-15 at 3.31.30 PM


Flickr has everything and the milk crate photos are expanding on the daily. These three are just the tip of the iceberg, but represent some of the range. The top one is titled “Doggie Crate” by Chewie2008. The 2nd one is simply called “Milk Crate” by Channel_Mixer. Lastly we have “Milk Crates as shelvesat the Jubilee” by Warmest Regards. Go see their work, spread the milkcrate image love.

Crate Scooter Trunk


This photographer is traveling around, with a milkcrate trunk – shooting and living the milkcrate lifestyle. The above photo is of his ride in New Orleans, LA. –> via ipenemic.com, Nomad’s Land, Day 10

Beautiful Crate Photo


Kamran Channa, from Australia (I think), shot this great shot of a man and his milk crate seat. See more of Kamran’s work here –>Kamran Channa @ TrekEarth.com