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Sweet Milkcrate Music

I always loved the song “Nitro Burning Funny Cars” by the Dead Milkmen. There’s a line in that song that I’ll paraphrase… no one will ever write a song about nitro burning funny cars. The same could be said of milk crates – but Franklin Bruno did write that song–thank goodness.

Milkcrate by Franklin Bruno

Milkcrate and Records go together like…

Diggin’ in the crates is as old as vinyl, and that lives on today via the interweb. –> Crate Kings.com

Sad Milkcrate News

Not all milkcrate news is positive. The top photo is the aftermath of a crash where the two victims were sitting and talking in Florida. The one man was sitting on a milkcrate talking with a friend who was sitting in the chair. –> via NewsSun.com, Week in Photos Gallery

The second photo is of an unknown woman who was killed crossing the street with her walker. She is described as 5’3″ tall, weighing around 110 pounds with gray hair and brown eyes. She was walking with a metallic red walker, and had a gray milk crate attached to the walker. –> via MyFoxTampaBay.com, Who was this accident victim?

Mies Van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House saved by milkcrates

Greg at DaddyTypes.com sent this amazing story over. The world-famous Farnsworth House has been saved by milkcrates. Mies Van der Rohe’s iconic structure in Plano, Illonoise has been hit hard by the recent hurricane season. The worst part for me about this is that the staff at the house used fake milkcrates instead of authentic milkcrates. –> via National Trust.org, Flood Waters Have Receded at World-Famous Farnsworth House

Antique Milkcrates

Crates I can’t afford.

RISD Ceramics Hearts Milkcrates

Esquire Magazine did a nice little photo shoot with a group of graduating RISD students. In the back of one of these photos, in the ceramics studio shows the love of milkcrates from the school. RISD is where Milkcrate Digest got it’s start by the way. –> Intelligent Design

Milkcrate Crabbing Contraption

This story’s been around, and I’m ashamed to admit that I wasn’t on it sooner. But, better late than never, crabbing with milkcrates in Bodega Bay, California, what could yummier. –> Via kk.org, Milk-Crate Crab Pots

Milkcrates and Pigs

A farm in Vermont has a strange and interesting website filled with animal facts. I spotted this crate tidbit, they say here that pigs won’t go through a fence as long as it’s solid at the pig’s eye level. So, a double stack of good ole’ milkcrates does the trick. –> Pigs.html (scroll down to May 28th)

The Milk Crate Office

Home Office Snapshots does just what it says it does. I’m not crazy about the salty post title, but the crates are represented, so I’ll let that go. –> Milk Crates, That’s New

Milk Crate Storage Solutions

I found this organizing beauty on Homemaking for Kings. –> Works-for-Me Wednesdays: School crates

Spamventdocument shows off this super cycling helmet storage solution –> Hard day at the office

Anyone who thinks thieves are sane has not been watching closely. Some fool broke into this families Airstream to loot and after dumping the kids shoes out of the milk crate at the door, then used that crate to gather the booty from the vehicle. After carefully loading the crate, the bad guy left everything behind. –>  via seezannerun.com, the towels too?

Lastly from the blog called God’s Abundant Gifts, a great metal/plastic milk crate full of Crocs. –> Right Up My Alley