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Milk Crate Stool

MSutters sent in this awesome little milkcrate stool that he made, and documented on flickr. –> Milk Crate Stool

Crate Full of Kittens


When someone shows up with a milkcrate full of kittens you know what needs to be done. This happened recently at the humane society in the Bahamas, and they did what any good people would do–get those kitties homes! –> HSGB Updates & ‘Special’ Stories via Bahamas Islands Info

Vintage Wire Milk Crate


High Street Market on Etsy is selling 2 of these cute vintage wire milkcrates. I’ve considering it, I really am, just $10. –> Vintage White Milk Crate, wire grid with a green handle

retro-wire-milkcrate-02 retro-wire-milkcrate-03

the Milkcrate Graveyard

These are some old photos, from a early issue of Milkcrate Digest starring Andrew Jeffrey Wright.

Vintage Wooden Crate for sale in NH


This popped up from New Hampshire. A vintage Abbott’s Dairy wooden milkcrate for $40. Near Milford, go get it.

Firewood Storage Crate


The real world provides a never-ending supply of material for the blog. I’m not sure where this house is, but they have found a beautiful old wooden & metal Carnation brand milkcrate that is now in use as their firewood box. via–> A Great Leap in the Dark, 11 Weeks Later…

Jake & Amir love milkcrates

Jake and Amir are pretty tweaked, in a good way though. In this video some milkcrates make a background cameo appearance – so I can post it here on the milkcrate digest blog.

Secretary from Amir on Vimeo

Dirt Bike+Propane+Milkcrate=Perfection


Beautiful Crate Photo


Kamran Channa, from Australia (I think), shot this great shot of a man and his milk crate seat. See more of Kamran’s work here –>Kamran Channa @ TrekEarth.com

Clumsy Aussie soccer fan hurts head via milkcrate and sues the team

A fan of the Canberra Raiders, an Australian soccer team, fell during an on-field half-time competition. The game consisted of catching soccer balls in a milkcrate. The sponsor of the event was a local dairy, Canberra Milk. The participant fell and lost consciousness. He may have hit his dome on the milkcrate in the spill. He is now suing the team for his injury and for the sad state of his life. I one main question: why was a dairy promoting a game where milk crates are in use illegally? –>via LiveNews, Raiders fan sues over half-time catching contest injury and –>via The Canberra Times, Fan sues Raiders for injuries