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Milkcrates & Teenagers Go Together Like…

Michael Poland is probably like any typical teenager. Sometimes teenagers take unnecessary risks. Sometimes they play in areas where they could easily die. This is just a fact. Luckily for Michael, his friends tossed him a milk crate so that he’d have somewhere to sit while the ice floe that he got stranded on floated down river. He had to spend the night in jail for endangering the lives of his rescuers and for disorderly conduct. He looks perfectly orderly to me, chilling on his ice boat/milkcrate captain’s chair talking on his cell phone. Read “Fairbanks Teen Rescued, Arrested After Ice Floe Carries Him Down Chena River” via Newsminer.com

Milkcrate Arch in Philadelphia

Joe Girandola is a sculptor and educator in Philadelphia. This past Summer he installed this milk crate arch project called “Perso/Trovo” outside the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Read “How Did You Use Milk Crates in College” via Ornamento

Kid Crates Party

Design Sponge did a little piece about throwing a party for kids on a budget. The party is quite elaborate and includes a photo booth, with a vintage milk crate stool for the kiddies. I think I could put my dogs Punkass & Snoop Dogg up there. They’d mug for the camera. –> A Creative but Budget-Friendly Kid’s Party via Design Sponge

Souped up (with crates) Corolla

Anthony has pimped his Corolla with an innovative milk crate storage rack. It adds extra storage beyond the trunk. It is done with serious conviction and execution. I love it. Anthony and his buddy Gilbert clean up after tourists at the Mimosa Rocks National Park. –> deep roots technology via iconophila

Amazon selling milkcrates?


Amazon is now selling milkcrates through one of their resellers, Advantage Gripware. They are selling for $14.95 which seems kind of high considering that I usually pick these up for nothing. Buy one now –>milkcrate on Amazon

I like plants…and crates


The blog, I Like Plants, says this orchid in a ‘orange juice’ crate is from southeast Asia. I like the combination of elements here…and I think I need that yellow juice crate for my own collection. via –> I Like Rare Plants, Rhynchostylis Gigantea

Beautiful Crate Photo


Kamran Channa, from Australia (I think), shot this great shot of a man and his milk crate seat. See more of Kamran’s work here –>Kamran Channa @ TrekEarth.com

Clumsy Aussie soccer fan hurts head via milkcrate and sues the team

A fan of the Canberra Raiders, an Australian soccer team, fell during an on-field half-time competition. The game consisted of catching soccer balls in a milkcrate. The sponsor of the event was a local dairy, Canberra Milk. The participant fell and lost consciousness. He may have hit his dome on the milkcrate in the spill. He is now suing the team for his injury and for the sad state of his life. I one main question: why was a dairy promoting a game where milk crates are in use illegally? –>via LiveNews, Raiders fan sues over half-time catching contest injury and –>via The Canberra Times, Fan sues Raiders for injuries

Wendy’s Taps the Milkcrate

Wendy’s has gotten on the milk crate bandwagon. Better late than never, I say.

Crate damage

Despite what we believe, milkcrates are not invincible. Treat them with kindness.