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Green is not Green, but (some) Milkcrates Are

There is nothing I love more than milkcrates popping up in stories that are not about milkcrates. This story came by way of Re-Nest via the New York Times and tells the a tale of green-washing in which green ink is not eco-friendly. There goes the planet, damn hippies. Just kidding, I had long hair once. The Color Green Is, Ironically, Pretty Toxic via Re-Nest

Aussie Bike Baskets

basket-crate custom-basket-crate

On this blog I haven’t been shy about my admiration for the Australian people’s ingenuity with milk crates. We have two simple examples here, but the hose details on the custom cut bike storage rack is a very sweet touch. –> via Treadly and Me, Basket cases

Green Milkcrate Aids in Pink Graffiti


This young green crate was seen aiding a graffiti artist paint this mural in Toronto. It’s crazy how impressionable milk crates are these days. – via Pixelize

The Milkcrate Kid


This kid is gonna be awesome. He has his Dad to thank. Matt Burga spotted and shot this in Australia (i think) and sent it in. Thanks Matt. via–> Matt Burga’s Flickr

Good Green Crates

I don’t have a great story about this. It’s a nice photo of green milkcrates and the post mentions the ripe possibility of a castle. I hope those pictures pop up soon. read post –> 50yen, Milk Crate Castle