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Michael Cera & Ellen Page love Milkcrates

See how much Ellen Page & Michael Cera are having with that milkcrate stool. It must be great having all the money in the world and having the self-awareness to choose a solid milk crate based stool. These kids today, gotta love em.

Mike Farruggia’s Milk Crate Chairs

Mr. Farruggia emailed photos of his awesome new milk crate chairs. I know how hard this is to pull off, so I take my hat off to him. Someday soon at MilkcrateFurniture.com (not currently live) you will be able to buy these bad boys.

Ramon Coronado’s Black Market Furniture

I know these aren’t milkcrates. But, Ramon Coronado has created something from the overlooked and transformed an everyday object, giving it a new (and very beautiful) life. All of Ramon’s work has a political edge and his re-appropriation of the “stolen” shopping cart is no different. Check out his site for more details, process and to see the rest of his efforts. Black Market Furniture by Ramon Coronado via Re-Nest

Milk Crate Stool

MSutters sent in this awesome little milkcrate stool that he made, and documented on flickr. –> Milk Crate Stool

Crate Cushions


So simple and so right, Etsy maker NotToday created these clever and functional cushions for your milk crate seating. They are a little pricey for my cheap behind (grid marks are not sexy) but you guys out there should get some. Poor Man’s Patio Milk Crate Chairs via Renter’s Relief on Michi Girl

Milkcrates in Corian®


What if milkcrates were made out of Corian® by Dupont? Well, in Philadelphia you can see the results (google map link). Corian Bench Inventions in Philadelphia Via Design Milk

Crate Table from Merry Design


Merry Design from Madrid, Spain has this very cool bread crate/table project. It’s a expandable system with a simple design to bring some added utility and design sense to the already functional crate. View some of their other projects on their site.

merry-crate-table-02 merry-crate-table-03

Rock Martin Interprets the Milkcrate


Rock Martin, from the good ole’ Australian continent, sent me a link to these great milkcrate inspired pieces. I love the metal one (see below). Check out more pics and his other works at their site –> rockmartin.com.au

rockmartin-crates-02 rockmartin-crates-05

rockmartin-crates-04 rockmartin-crates-03

Milkcrate Furniture with Flair


Milkcrate furniture isn’t new on this blog but this stuff has a polish that isn’t usually associated with my plastic buddies. These pieces are the creation of Tel Aviv Etsy artist Natymosko. It’s good to know who made these great pieces finally. The prices are a little steep for my taste but good milk crate design ideas are always welcome. –> Milk Crate Envy via Working Title

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