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XTOOL Crate Expansion on Kickstarter


XTOOL is a new kickstarter project that hits close to home for me. They’ve really done their homework and gone to great lengths to expand the usefullness of the milkcrate. They’ve even set up their own milkcrate production with custom colors. These aren’t those faux crates from Bed Bath and Beyond – there are real deal milkcrates from a injection molding facility.



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Green Crate Shelter

Living Pavilion Interior

Figment project worked to build the ‘Living Pavilion’ from their 2010 City of Dreams contest. This was the winning entry and was installed on Governors Island in New York for gatherings and activities on the island. The Living Pavilion was designed by Ann Ha and Behrang Behin.

From the Figment site…
Living Pavilion is a low-tech, low-impact installation that employs milk crates as the framework for growing planted surface similar to a green wall. Living Pavilion aspires to create a synthesis of form, structure, light and life. The pavilion’s surface is planted with hanging shade-tolerant plants that will provide an environment maintained at a cooler temperature because of evapotranspiration from the plants. At the end of the season, the pavilion’s modular design will allow easy disassembly and distribution of the planted milk crates to the New York area for use in homes, public places, and community gardens.

Living Pavilion Exterior Living Pavilion Interior

Crateman Strikes Again!

Part of the amazing crateman legacy, a new one in Cape Town, South Africa made of Coca-Cola crates. Crateman via Mental_Floss

Crate Bike Storage & A Seat In One

Yael Linveh, a design student in Israel, created this sweet combo milkcrate storage rack & seat for a bicycle. Anything that transforms & uses milkcrates get double bonus points here. He calls it “Two-Go” and his design is build from “off the shelf” parts so anyone can make one for themselves. Two-Go by Yael Linveh via DesignBoom

Milkcrates Make Life Better

The Long Island Index created a design competition to re-imagine the suburbs. The above entry is from Dub Studios and features milkcrates. They know that milkcrates make everything better. via The New York Ttimes, Seven Winning Visions of a Suburbia Reborn

College + Milkcrate

The good people at 160 over 90 ( a top notch design agency in Philadelphia) created a sweet newprint piece for Loyola University. The images here detail the use of the iconic milkcrate form. Every college student knows the milk crate well. Milkcrate Digest got its start at college. via FFFFOUND! or for full images & story at 160over90

Mike Farruggia’s Milk Crate Chairs

Mr. Farruggia emailed photos of his awesome new milk crate chairs. I know how hard this is to pull off, so I take my hat off to him. Someday soon at MilkcrateFurniture.com (not currently live) you will be able to buy these bad boys.

Unis in NYC is Crate Savy

Unis in New York is a high end line and store. Their relaxed interior features a vintage metal milkcrate. –> Sit and Read x Unis Chairs via Cool Hunting

Crate Felt Stool

I’m not really sure why, but I stumbled onto this Design Sponge post from 2004 and found this sweet little crate stool with integrated felt cushion. The internet is forever (or at least back to 2004). –> disappointment design: firstop 2004 via Design Sponge

Crateified Mud Room

Another awesome user submitted project: the milk crate mud room. Rick, from Portland, sent this in and explains that he uses a simple french cleat to attach the crates to the wall in a clean way. He even bought new crates at the container store. That’s not exactly how I would have done it, but different strokes for different folks. Thanks Rick.