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Donkey Crates

You’ve heard of Donkey Kong, we’ll this involves an actual Donkey–with milk crates. Sent in by Monte, thanks again. via Wild Fermentation.com

Best Milk Crate?!?

I just spotted this new web site with the bold name “Best Milk Crate”. Sounds awesome, but sadly it’s not. They are simply pulling everything that web stores call a milkcrate and posting a link back to that store to gain some kind of monetary reward. If the so-called crates were for real I’d be way more supportive. Most of the storage containers are not milk crates and never will be. Check it out for yourself –> Best Milk Crate

Happy 2010!


Crates in Nepal, can you carry more?


How many crates can you carry in Nepal? No way you can beat this dude. –> Sent in by Jay Yarrow original photo by Wonker at Flickr, this photo on Flickr here –> Human Forklift

Jake & Amir love milkcrates

Jake and Amir are pretty tweaked, in a good way though. In this video some milkcrates make a background cameo appearance – so I can post it here on the milkcrate digest blog.

Secretary from Amir on Vimeo



The Daily Bumble reports that milkcrate thefts are on the rise. They don’t say where this news comes from, but who cares. They did a nice little cartoon, which you see above. –>Milk Crate Theft Rates on the Rise

Great warning

Seen in Sterling, VA

Melbourne film geeks love the milkcrates

Irving Z. Gribbish shows films through projectors propped up on milkcrates. He does it for the love of the movies. Once again the Aussies rule the crate world. –>via the Age.com.au, The Reel Thing

Sweet Milkcrate Music

I always loved the song “Nitro Burning Funny Cars” by the Dead Milkmen. There’s a line in that song that I’ll paraphrase… no one will ever write a song about nitro burning funny cars. The same could be said of milk crates – but Franklin Bruno did write that song–thank goodness.

Milkcrate by Franklin Bruno

Milkcrate and Records go together like…

Diggin’ in the crates is as old as vinyl, and that lives on today via the interweb. –> Crate Kings.com