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Got Crates?

I was already an NBA fan, and this one sealed the deal. I’ve had this scan of a “Got Milk?” ad featuring Avery Johnson (then coach of the Dallas Mavericks and Josh Howard (then player of the Dallas Mavericks ) from EPSN Magazine for some time–I have no idea why I never posted it.

Crate Coop


“Diamond” the hen prefers the security of his plastic milkcrate over your standard wooden nesting box. –> A Day Outdoors with My Chick Friends and Blue Eggs, via Lady Katherine Tea Parlor

Scooter Crates

I can’t remember seeing a crate this bright and blue. –>via dykhouse.com, Milk Crate GET

And yet another scooter crate combo –>via flickr.com, Old Milk Crate

Super Crate Tunnel, Belgium

I’ve written about this duo before and I’ve been saving this project for a sunny day. Winter/Hoerbelt’s 2003 project at the Beaufort Exhibition, in Belgium. This crate tunnel may not be dairy crates, but it’s damn impressive. –> translated article about the piece, and the photos page

Crate BBQ

Milkcrates are all American like BBQ in the backyard. –> via blog.BabyMakes.com, Summer Saturday

Milk Crate Storage Solutions

I found this organizing beauty on Homemaking for Kings. –> Works-for-Me Wednesdays: School crates

Spamventdocument shows off this super cycling helmet storage solution –> Hard day at the office

Anyone who thinks thieves are sane has not been watching closely. Some fool broke into this families Airstream to loot and after dumping the kids shoes out of the milk crate at the door, then used that crate to gather the booty from the vehicle. After carefully loading the crate, the bad guy left everything behind. –>  via seezannerun.com, the towels too?

Lastly from the blog called God’s Abundant Gifts, a great metal/plastic milk crate full of Crocs. –> Right Up My Alley


These amazing milk crate briefcases will be the envy of the suits if you can figure out where to buy them. via Land+Living.com –> BriefCrate

The Coast Guard loves milkcrates

The US Coast Guard using a milk crate

This is the US Coast Guard using a sweet blue milkcrate in the salvage work of the Torrent Shipwreck. Thanks to Travis S. for the pics via Flickr. –> Retrieving Portholes –> Torrent Shipwreck: 1868

Sweet crate reinventions

Milkcrate Soundbooth

Milkcrates abound throughout the web. I’ve pulled some recent milk crate inventions. The above image is from instructables.com, a great how to site. This images comes from a great post on how to build a portable milkcrate sound booth. –> DIY portable sound booth

Worm Crates

These aren’t milkcrates, BUT they are soda crates and Mr. Kyle Lawson has crafted them into a home vermicomposting setup. I don’t even know what that is, but I like it. –> Worms!

Wooden Crate magazine rack

This last one is great. It brings the old into the new. An old school wooden milk crate transformed simply into a rolling magazine rack. –> summer projects and finds…

Everyday grocery store

Doing some grocery shopping today and I spotted this end unit here..