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Milkcrate Fireworks Apparatus

milkcrate rack

Patriot Pyrotechnics is offering this milkcrate mortar rack for $64.95. It’s a standard 4 gallon black crate, and I’m not sure why a free milk crate and 25 pieces of PCV cost $65 bucks, but hey people gotta make a living, right?

Milkcrates at 30th St.

Crate cuteness!

Cuter by the Hour

Cute Overload

This little kitty in a milkcrate came by way via Cuter By The Hour. That got me thinking, I should check Cute Overload for crate pics…and then I found the above picture of the little doggie in the milk crate. –> Waiting for the Milk Delivery –> The redonkulousness continues…

Crate Lifting

Milkcrate assist in the weight room

Using milkcrates in the weight room isn’t new ground but this usage is a nice simple trick. This video from the youTube was posted by Curt James, from Body Building.com –> “Reverse” rows x 12 reps (kinda)

Crate flower stand

Just your everyday in PHL

My new crate bike rig

A while back, I bungeed this 6 gallon crate onto my bike. Problems came on a heavy load trip because my tie down wasn’t so tight. This new edition fixes a piece of plywood, which is then screwed to the milk crate. It’s super solid now.