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Mike Farruggia’s Milk Crate Chairs

Mr. Farruggia emailed photos of his awesome new milk crate chairs. I know how hard this is to pull off, so I take my hat off to him. Someday soon at MilkcrateFurniture.com (not currently live) you will be able to buy these bad boys.

Milkcrate Container Gardening

Gardening is all the rage these days. Milkcrates will not be left out. Check out this great instructable on how to create your own elevated milkcrate container garden. –> Five ways to Get Your Grow On in a Small Space via Re-Nest

Max Wanger Crate Photo

Ok, this is actually not about the crates, per se. But milkcrates are everywhere and once again a great photog makes it part of the whole. –> via Max Wanger Photography

“Authentic” Milk Crate For Sale

Duluth Trading Company is selling “authentic” milkcrates for $14.50 bones, or $12.50 if you order more than one. Add $10 for standard shipping and the cost goes up quickly. I know that there are those out there who balk at the legality of the home use milkcrate. For those squeamish types, Duluth comes to the rescue. Mike the Yak Fisherman says it best in the reviews, “Now you can get one… legally!” I love the fact that they include the above photo, in case you can’t figure out what to do with your new milk crate. –> The Real McCoy, Original Commercial Milkcrate via Duluth Trading Company

The features of a “real” milkcrate:

  • Original classic commercial Milk Crate from USA supplier
  • 1001 uses for storage, organization, transport
  • Heavy-duty HDPE plastic
  • Holds 35 lbs. or more
  • Built in handles on all 4 sides
  • Stackable
  • Measures 12”W x 12″L x 11”H
  • Made in USA

Milkcrate Roundup

There have been so many milkcrate hits lately that it’s getting hard to keep up. Below are a slew of the crate web stories. Keep ’em coming world wide web.

milkcrate typography crateman climber crate-bee-lift

black-crate-detail everything-crates bicycle-coffee-creat

  1. Milk Crate Typography via Heaps Good
  2. Crateman from Australia continues his mission via PSFK & Trendhunter
  3. Bees need help too: Another ant prevention method via Backwards Beekeepers
  4. Flickr brings us A. L. Marquardt’s Milk Crate photo
  5. Random info about milkcrates via Everything2.net
  6. Flickr brings us Geekstinkbreath’s Bicycle Coffee Bags in milk crate ready to go

Crate Stuck in the Tree


Poodly on Flickr shot this odd scene from Australia. See more on his photostream.

?uestlove from the Roots & milkcrates

Ok, this isn’t really about milkcrates–but in this video (by Ted Passon) about The Roots and their love of Philadelphia, the interview takes place in front of a stack of milk crates.

Crate-tainer Gardening

My wife spotted this one on a walk home–Milkcrates as containers for inner-city gardening.

Motorcycles… and this guy… Rule


I found this in my usual web crawl for crate pics. This fine gentleman and his trusty bike, equipped with a black milkcrate attached by bungee cords to his rack – acting as a trunk. This is the real milkcrate lifestyle. –> via Strangetalk.net

Tech Kids Gay for Milk Crates


The students of Illonois Institute of Technology created this great lawn installation using milkcrates and some wedge shaped elements. It’s very well done and I’m surprised it didn’t come up on my crate-dar sooner. via–> Thank You For Your Submission, Lawn installations at Illinois Institute of Technology