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Crateman Strikes Again!

Part of the amazing crateman legacy, a new one in Cape Town, South Africa made of Coca-Cola crates. Crateman via Mental_Floss

Souped up (with crates) Corolla

Anthony has pimped his Corolla with an innovative milk crate storage rack. It adds extra storage beyond the trunk. It is done with serious conviction and execution. I love it. Anthony and his buddy Gilbert clean up after tourists at the Mimosa Rocks National Park. –> deep roots technology via iconophila

Milkcrate Roundup

There have been so many milkcrate hits lately that it’s getting hard to keep up. Below are a slew of the crate web stories. Keep ’em coming world wide web.

milkcrate typography crateman climber crate-bee-lift

black-crate-detail everything-crates bicycle-coffee-creat

  1. Milk Crate Typography via Heaps Good
  2. Crateman from Australia continues his mission via PSFK & Trendhunter
  3. Bees need help too: Another ant prevention method via Backwards Beekeepers
  4. Flickr brings us A. L. Marquardt’s Milk Crate photo
  5. Random info about milkcrates via Everything2.net
  6. Flickr brings us Geekstinkbreath’s Bicycle Coffee Bags in milk crate ready to go

Crate Stuck in the Tree


Poodly on Flickr shot this odd scene from Australia. See more on his photostream.

Milkcrate Theater turns 10!


I’d like to congratulate the Milkcrate Theater on reaching their 10th year of work. They are a great organization doing good while living the milkcrate lifestyle. –> Milk Crate Theater for Sydney’s homeless turns ten via Sydyney Central

Crate Stool Modification


Sometimes a simple idea only needs a little nudge to get to a better place. Simon AncherĀ  & Bruce Nye designed this simple wooden modification for Aussie milkcrates to transform them into more proper seating. –> State of Design Festival, Simon Ancher on Designboom




Aussie Bike Baskets

basket-crate custom-basket-crate

On this blog I haven’t been shy about my admiration for the Australian people’s ingenuity with milk crates. We have two simple examples here, but the hose details on the custom cut bike storage rack is a very sweet touch. –> via Treadly and Me, Basket cases

The Milkcrate Kid


This kid is gonna be awesome. He has his Dad to thank. Matt Burga spotted and shot this in Australia (i think) and sent it in. Thanks Matt. via–> Matt Burga’s Flickr

Beautiful Crate Photo


Kamran Channa, from Australia (I think), shot this great shot of a man and his milk crate seat. See more of Kamran’s work here –>Kamran Channa @ TrekEarth.com

Clumsy Aussie soccer fan hurts head via milkcrate and sues the team

A fan of the Canberra Raiders, an Australian soccer team, fell during an on-field half-time competition. The game consisted of catching soccer balls in a milkcrate. The sponsor of the event was a local dairy, Canberra Milk. The participant fell and lost consciousness. He may have hit his dome on the milkcrate in the spill. He is now suing the team for his injury and for the sad state of his life. I one main question: why was a dairy promoting a game where milk crates are in use illegally? –>via LiveNews, Raiders fan sues over half-time catching contest injury and –>via The Canberra Times, Fan sues Raiders for injuries