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Milkcrates on Lost

Awesome reader Monte sent me these great screen grabs from season 3 of Lost. Thanks!

Milkcrate Matrimony Ride

Garrett Grove has a ton of great wedding photography on his site, but these are of particular interest on our fine site here.

Driving Crate Dreams


I love this photo from the Stamford Advocate. Oh the good old days of driving my six gallon crate around the yard–those were the days. –> Milk crate imagination, via Stamford Advocate

Crate-tainer Gardening

My wife spotted this one on a walk home–Milkcrates as containers for inner-city gardening.

Amazon selling milkcrates?


Amazon is now selling milkcrates through one of their resellers, Advantage Gripware. They are selling for $14.95 which seems kind of high considering that I usually pick these up for nothing. Buy one now –>milkcrate on Amazon


These amazing milk crate briefcases will be the envy of the suits if you can figure out where to buy them. via Land+Living.com –> BriefCrate