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Kayak-ers Love Milkcrates


There is a link between the kayak people and the great milkcrate. I don’t yet have a in depth understanding of this relationship and I will someday soon. In the meantime, I’ll keep posting these pics that I find. Pics via Big Water’s Edge, Ocean Prowler 15



Crate flower stand

Just your everyday in PHL

Milkcrate as street ski while juggling

Milkcrate style waterski/juggling stunt

I’m fairly certain that this is Laban Pheidias using a milkcrate on wet pavement like a waterski while juggling! He’s an evil genius. Watch the video –> Crazy milk crate juggling stunt

My new crate bike rig

A while back, I bungeed this 6 gallon crate onto my bike. Problems came on a heavy load trip because my tie down wasn’t so tight. This new edition fixes a piece of plywood, which is then screwed to the milk crate. It’s super solid now.