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Got Crates?

I was already an NBA fan, and this one sealed the deal. I’ve had this scan of a “Got Milk?” ad featuring Avery Johnson (then coach of the Dallas Mavericks and Josh Howard (then player of the Dallas Mavericks ) from EPSN Magazine for some time–I have no idea why I never posted it.

Scooter Support

My sweet wife, Amy, took this photo on a walk in Philadelphia. She’s not as “into milkcrates” as I am, but she’s super supportive–spotting crates everywhere, shooting pictures and everything.

Tech Kids Gay for Milk Crates


The students of Illonois Institute of Technology created this great lawn installation using milkcrates and some wedge shaped elements. It’s very well done and I’m surprised it didn’t come up on my crate-dar sooner. via–> Thank You For Your Submission, Lawn installations at Illinois Institute of Technology

Milkcrate Fireworks Apparatus

milkcrate rack

Patriot Pyrotechnics is offering this milkcrate mortar rack for $64.95. It’s a standard 4 gallon black crate, and I’m not sure why a free milk crate and 25 pieces of PCV cost $65 bucks, but hey people gotta make a living, right?


These amazing milk crate briefcases will be the envy of the suits if you can figure out where to buy them. via Land+Living.com –> BriefCrate