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Crate Cruisers from Brooklyn


Bikes and milk crates go together like chips and dip–it’s hard to do it once you’ve had that experience. The folks at Brooklyn Cruiser seem to know this and have been showing off thier bikes with wooden crates attached. They also offer a “handcrafted wooden bike crate” upgrade of their own for $79.99. That seems a little steep to me, but then I use a standard 6 gallon plastic crate on my bike.


Thanks to Bless This Stuff for the original post.

What if your new bike came with a crate?

Bowerly Lane Bikes understands the need and desire for storage on your two-wheeled peddaler. Instead of giving you some zip ties and wishing you good luck, they’ve gone out of their way to provide a vintage-styled, wooden crate. It’s not technically a milkcrate, but we all know where the inspiration came from. –> Bowery Lane Bicycles: Handmade in NYC via Re-Nest

Birmingham Dairy Wooden Crate


I believe this photo is from Iron Horse Antiques in Manasis, VA. –> Weekend Update via New Dominon Blues Studio

Firewood Storage Crate


The real world provides a never-ending supply of material for the blog. I’m not sure where this house is, but they have found a beautiful old wooden & metal Carnation brand milkcrate that is now in use as their firewood box. via–> A Great Leap in the Dark, 11 Weeks Later…

Antique Milkcrates

Crates I can’t afford.

Sweet crate reinventions

Milkcrate Soundbooth

Milkcrates abound throughout the web. I’ve pulled some recent milk crate inventions. The above image is from, a great how to site. This images comes from a great post on how to build a portable milkcrate sound booth. –> DIY portable sound booth

Worm Crates

These aren’t milkcrates, BUT they are soda crates and Mr. Kyle Lawson has crafted them into a home vermicomposting setup. I don’t even know what that is, but I like it. –> Worms!

Wooden Crate magazine rack

This last one is great. It brings the old into the new. An old school wooden milk crate transformed simply into a rolling magazine rack. –> summer projects and finds…

Milk crates on eBay

Vintage Pint Counting milkcrate Vintage Wooden crate on eBay

It’s not just me who cares for milkcrates. The two pics above are from a few auctions past and present. All over the globe people are buying and selling crates on eBay. Check out what’s happening now –> milk crate auctions on eBay

Milkcrates as cycle stands

Wooden Milkcrate Cycle stand

Plastic Milkcrate Cycle stand

Milkcrates make great motorcycle stands…who would have known? These images were found on in the forums.

Good old wooden milkcrates

Wooden Milkcrate

Wooden Milkcrate

I like them retro wooden milkrates too. I’m not the only one.