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Jake & Amir love milkcrates

Jake and Amir are pretty tweaked, in a good way though. In this video some milkcrates make a background cameo appearance – so I can post it here on the milkcrate digest blog.

Secretary from Amir on Vimeo



The Daily Bumble reports that milkcrate thefts are on the rise. They don’t say where this news comes from, but who cares. They did a nice little cartoon, which you see above. –>Milk Crate Theft Rates on the Rise

Milkcrate as street ski while juggling

Milkcrate style waterski/juggling stunt

I’m fairly certain that this is Laban Pheidias using a milkcrate on wet pavement like a waterski while juggling! He’s an evil genius. Watch the video –> Crazy milk crate juggling stunt


Milkcrate Hovercraft

The tinkerers know milkcrates. Some ingenious young men created this hovercraft from a leaf blower, a milkcrate, and some odds and ends. –> Awesome Homemade Hovercraft

NY Times, video about a milkcrate hoop

NY Times video about milkcrate hoop

I’m fairly certain that most people think that my fascination with milkcrates is more than a little silly. The NY Times is a respectable media outlet – and they just posted this little video about some young boys who posted their very own milkcrate basketball hoop in Brooklyn. See, I’m not the only one interested in such things! See the video here –> Milk Crate as Basketball Hoop, a Symbol of Urban Ingenuity

Milkcrate Strongman Video

I’ve written about John Evans before. His world record setting is quite phenomenal. He’s back now, breaking his own world record by balancing 96 milkcrates on top of his head. –> Watch this and more at

Milkcrate Car Jumping – DO NOT ATTEMPT

Milkcrate Car Jump

A good friend sent me a link to this video of some insane, stupid, yet brave young man doing a stunt involving a speeding car and a stack of milkcrates. Please DO NOT attempt this. This is reckless and potentially deadly. –> BreaK: Milkcrate Car Jump

The Milkcrate Canucks

Milkcrate Canucks

The video knocked my socks off. The Milkcrate Canucks are inventive, reckless, and living the milk crate lifestyle to the fullest. See the video on You Tube –> You Tube: Milkcrate Canucks

The Milkcrate Recovery Team, a film

The Milkcrate Recovery Team

Christopher Markowsky wrote to tell me about his short film, “The Milkcrate Recovery Team.” I have to admit while watching this I had moments of fear that I’ve seen in nightmares. Overall I enjoyed this movie. At first view I thought the message was opposite of my personal view. But, I think there is an underlying truth to the movie. I have some criticisms. SPOILER ALERT: There is a line after they bust the milkcrate dealer, “consider the imitation crates sir.” I am not a fan of the imitation crates, and the simple mention of them turns my stomach and makes my hands hurt. On the plus side they also have a line that says, “It’s a perfectly designed, multifunctional container, but it was made for milk.” I believe that Christopher has the love. Watch the video here –> The Milkcrate Recovery Team

Milkcrate Video

Video is all the rage. You Tube, Google Video, and the like… Milkcrates are a part of this culture, see for yourself.

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