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Suicidal Crates



Suicidal Tendencies is a LA punk group from the early 80s. This video for “Institutionalized” is classic: skateboarding, hot color tees and punk music. Also included is a milkcrate in use, helping the parents to build out a padded room for lead vocalist Mike Muir.

Jalen Rose Perfected the Floater on a Milkcrate Hoop


On a recent video segment on EPSN/Grantland Channel, Jalen Rose goes on an extended tangent explaining how he learned floaters in urban Detroit as a kid. The secret to his success – the milkcrate hoop. Listen up at the 7:20 mark–Jalen Rose goes into detail on his milkcrate floater experiences.

XTOOL Crate Expansion on Kickstarter


XTOOL is a new kickstarter project that hits close to home for me. They’ve really done their homework and gone to great lengths to expand the usefullness of the milkcrate. They’ve even set up their own milkcrate production with custom colors. These aren’t those faux crates from Bed Bath and Beyond – there are real deal milkcrates from a injection molding facility.



Check out the video after the jump…

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Awesome Waste of Time

BPay in Australia hosted a video contest titled “Awesome Time Wasting”. One of the four winning entries features some amazing (or awesome) stop-motion animation with Australian milkcrates. Watch the video after the jump. This was sent in by one of our readers – Nick Drewe, big thanks Nick! For more on the contest, check out –>AwesomeTimeWasting

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Canibal M&Ms with Milkcrates

Way back in 1999 M&Ms ran this great commercial with M&Ms eating M&Ms. It’s a pretty great ad, and to make it even better–they are sitting on milkcrates. It also features “Puddy” from Seinfeld. –> M&Ms Commercial, “You don’t eat your own kind”

“The Milkcrate Situation”

I think this guy says it all. –> The Milk Crate Chronicles via Cutslist

Andy Breaks His Wrist, With Milkcrates

This video came by way of Tosh.O on comedy central. I went and found the original on YouTube and I must tell you: this video is rough. It’s not for the feint of heart. Young Andy attempts this milkcrate stair stunt and needless to say, he does not make it. Milkcrates in the wrong hands are dangerous. –> Andy Breaks Wrist via YouTube

Max Balances 15 crates, at Age 13

Young Max, age 13, is a balancing force. He is already doing 15 milk crates on his chin. I think Jon Evans record of 98 (on his head) is in jeopardy. –> Awesome! Watch Max Balancing 15 Milk Crates via YouTube

3 Kids, 1 Dad, 1 Bike & 1 Milkcrate


This is the picture (a video actually, below) of a happy family in Amsterdam. –> Dad & 3 Kids on a Workcycles Fr8, via Bakfiets En Meer : bonus link – Dutch Cargo Bicycles via ReNest

Milk Crate Skate


Milkcrates and skateboards go back to the beginning for me. Playing with crates, stacking them to see how high I can ollie, and sometimes just knocking them down was the beginning of my love of the form. The misfits at American Misfits have done a series of these videos. This one just popped up on YouTube –>Fuel TV  – Milk Crate Skatin. The timing is almost perfect, after watching the video and getting motivated, buy one of these, I Heart Milkcrate skateboards.