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Finally I am moving and updating the milkcratedigest website. This is step one, getting the new blog up and running. Now we can all comment and communicate the goings on in the crate world. I’ll be transitioning content from the old site over in the coming days and weeks, as well as adding some new goods.

Desparately seeking

seeking this crate

Things have finally been updated. The MD store is up and selling, the site structure has been reworked, and I’m actually writing something. So, without further patting of one’s self on the back, I give you milkcrate news and notes.

I got an email from a person in Singapore. He is a lover of milkcrates and is seeking a crate that looks like the photo above. If you have knowledge of this crate he is interested in obtaining here. His description: “I am searching for a very specifc milk crate from the USA which can be seen in the photo. Oval openings on all faces, handle openings on two sides only. Three rows of slots on upper edge.Contact me and I will forward you to him. Thanks, stay tuned for more. I believe this photo is from the movie E.T.

Time flies

So what is happening here. It’s been over a year and a half and there’s barely anything new. What gives? First off, there is no good reason why this is taking so long. Being a zine person, I’ve never been good at keeping a schedule. Here’s what I do know. I’m working on Milkcrate Digest #7. It’s probably still weeks and weeks away. I’m working on some new t-shirts, and some other products. The Milkcrate Store is still not up. But, you can buy most of the milkcrate goods at There will be some updates in the near future. I say so.

Milkcrate Digest goes online

Version 1.1 makes it online, and it only took me a month! Can you believe it? I can’t. I’m far from done, but the process of bringing the milkcrate digest archives online has begun. Check in the photos, art, stories, and random sections for new stuff.

Scan, scaning, and more scanning

After years of being in the non-digital underground, Milkcrate Digest is coming to the world wide web to spread the message about our plastic friends. This will not replace the print edition of Milkcrate Digest, which is now up to #6. But will provide history, current news about the zine, projects, words, as well as a wealth of material that never made the pages of Milkcrate Digest. I have to scan a lot of material. So, off I go.