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Comedy Central Presents Milkcrates

I was checking out some old stand-up on Netflix. I found my way to Comedy Central Presents: Adam Ferrara. You can probably tell by his outfit, but it was 1998. The background features a slew of milk crates. I’m not sure, but I think they were trying to recreate some New York rooftop scene.

Milkcrates on Lost

Awesome reader Monte sent me these great screen grabs from season 3 of Lost. Thanks!

Canibal M&Ms with Milkcrates

Way back in 1999 M&Ms ran this great commercial with M&Ms eating M&Ms. It’s a pretty great ad, and to make it even better–they are sitting on milkcrates. It also features “Puddy” from Seinfeld. –> M&Ms Commercial, “You don’t eat your own kind”

Milk Crate Skate


Milkcrates and skateboards go back to the beginning for me. Playing with crates, stacking them to see how high I can ollie, and sometimes just knocking them down was the beginning of my love of the form. The misfits at American Misfits have done a series of these videos. This one just popped up on YouTube –>Fuel TV  – Milk Crate Skatin. The timing is almost perfect, after watching the video and getting motivated, buy one of these, I Heart Milkcrate skateboards.


Alton Brown finds milkcrates in the Caribbean

Alton Brown and the Food network have found milkcrate life in the Caribbean on the new show, Feasting on Waves.

Wendy’s Taps the Milkcrate

Wendy’s has gotten on the milk crate bandwagon. Better late than never, I say.

Dell on the milkcrate bandwagon

New Dell commercial…

Andy Macdonald – milkcrate skateboard sessions

Andy Macdonald - milkcrate skate sessions

Andy Macdonald is a very under-rated skateboarder. His ability and skill is unmatched on vert, and he is very inventive and clever. This video is part of the American Misfits show I believe. –> See the whole video

Crate tweaker

Crate tweaker

This aussie is pretty serious about milkcrate theft, so he redsigned the milkcrate for the ABC/AU show, the New Inventors. How can you really improve something so perfect. From the abc web page: “Most people have found that milk crates are ideal for storage at home and this discovery has led to milk crates going missing. Milk crates have be known to be used for safe storage of vinyl records, used as seating stools, as a stand at concerts and parades to catch a better view and sometimes when partnered with other milk crates even used as a strong bed base.” Seems like even ABC is rooting against him. The video is some funny/not funny stuff. – John Freeborn 5-30-06

It’s about nothing


Do I need to say aything about his image.