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Milkcrate Cafe

Milkcrate Cafe

Milkcrates, coffee and records go hand in hand like nothing else I can think of. In my fair city of Philadelphia, the Milkcrate Cafe is now open for business. The store is located at 400 E Girard Ave., Philadelphia, PA. Their blog is here –> Milkcrate Cafe blog

the Milkcrate Graveyard

These are some old photos, from a early issue of Milkcrate Digest starring Andrew Jeffrey Wright.

Urbn cast metal crate

Urban Outfitters is selling cast metal milcrates for $98!!!

Crate-tainer Gardening

My wife spotted this one on a walk home–Milkcrates as containers for inner-city gardening.

Roots Picnic

Second stage clean up at the Roots Picnic

Crate Kids


Kids and milk crates go together like PB & J. –>via Silence is Broken blog, we are here, honest …

The Poem Shop


In NYC a group of writers has taken the writing to the streets and is offering a poem writing service. The poems are very reasonably priced (in the $5 to $20 range) and it’s better than writing advertising copy, right? The Poem Shop service was started by William Chrome and I love that the girl in the photo above is using a milkcrate as her typewriter stand. –> The Poem Shop via Adrian Shirk

Milkcrate Saw Feed Roller


Cheap wheels and a few milkcrates makes a nice cheap solution to expensive feed rollers that you’d buy at places like this for $329.99. –> via Toolmonger, A Cheap(-Ass) Saw Feed Roller

Kayak-ers Love Milkcrates


There is a link between the kayak people and the great milkcrate. I don’t yet have a in depth understanding of this relationship and I will someday soon. In the meantime, I’ll keep posting these pics that I find. Pics via Big Water’s Edge, Ocean Prowler 15



Dirt Bike+Propane+Milkcrate=Perfection