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Don’t Steal


Crystal Creamery is on a mission to stop the theft of milkcrates. They claim that milk crate theft costs the dairy industry $80 million a year. That’s a lot of dairy. This effort is focused on the large scale operations that steal crates to grind them up for the raw materials that are now being traded in recycling for big bucks. The International Dairy Foods Association says over 20 million crates are stolen every year. I could build some awesome stuff with that many crates.

I agree with part of this effort. Please don’t steal milkcrates and destroy them for money. Do borrow milkcrates and build awesome things.

Read the whole story on The Modesto Bee

Milkcrate Weaponry

milkcrate as a weapon

I’m not a fan of violence and I’m not a fan of milkcrates being used to maim or injure but when an innocent milkcrate is listed as a deadly weapon I have to speak up on the behalf of the plastic. In New York State, a milkcrate is being cited as a weapon in a second-degree assault case–see the details and the ugly mug here. I don’t know the details of this mess I’m just saying that the milkcrate was proabably minding his own business and all of a sudden gets caught up in some crazy melee to no fault of his own.

Boovabox Kickstarter Shows Crate Love

A duo in Pennsylvania is trying to take their project, Boovabox, to the next level. They have a kickstarter project going that ends shortly to raise money to expand their bike box business. These fine boxes are milkcrates at their core. Donate some cash and get in on the ground floor. Milkcrates are always a sound investment.

Portable Urban Garden

So, you need to create a garden in an urban environment.
The only space available to you is a area than has planned construction, and you’ll need to move your plants as soon as they start.
Milkcrates make anything possible.

The New York restaurant Wichcraft, had this exact problem. Milkcrates to the rescue. It’s actually quite impressive. I know in New York, they often lock up their milkcrates – I wonder if they stole them in New Jersey? –>A portable Urban Farm, Made Entirely Out of Milk Crates via Fast Company

Milkcrates & Teenagers Go Together Like…

Michael Poland is probably like any typical teenager. Sometimes teenagers take unnecessary risks. Sometimes they play in areas where they could easily die. This is just a fact. Luckily for Michael, his friends tossed him a milk crate so that he’d have somewhere to sit while the ice floe that he got stranded on floated down river. He had to spend the night in jail for endangering the lives of his rescuers and for disorderly conduct. He looks perfectly orderly to me, chilling on his ice boat/milkcrate captain’s chair talking on his cell phone. Read “Fairbanks Teen Rescued, Arrested After Ice Floe Carries Him Down Chena River” via

Milkcrate Arch in Philadelphia

Joe Girandola is a sculptor and educator in Philadelphia. This past Summer he installed this milk crate arch project called “Perso/Trovo” outside the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Read “How Did You Use Milk Crates in College” via Ornamento

Scooter Support

My sweet wife, Amy, took this photo on a walk in Philadelphia. She’s not as “into milkcrates” as I am, but she’s super supportive–spotting crates everywhere, shooting pictures and everything.

Sasha Barr Crate Studio

Artists are an oddly pragmatic bunch. Sasha Baar was recently featured on one of my favorite blogs, Grain Edit, and his studio has some milkcrates. I think most art studios have milk crates. I should really put that to a test. –> Sasha Baar Interview via Grain Edit

Unis in NYC is Crate Savy

Unis in New York is a high end line and store. Their relaxed interior features a vintage metal milkcrate. –> Sit and Read x Unis Chairs via Cool Hunting

Crate Side Tables At The Movies

At the Speak Easy Cinema in Melbourne, Australia they had a problem. Where do I put my drink? They found the answer in the milkcrate. With the help of some scrap plywood, signboard and even some cupboard doors (with handles still on) they managed to create a slew of tables to make the viewing experience a little better. Thanks Ben (from Speak Easy Cinema for sending this in).