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Apple Crates

I’ve always been an Apple fanboy. This just re-confirms those notions. Apple sent me this promotional email the other day and right there, featured real big was the classic college milkcrate, filled to the brim. Well done Cupertino!

Wall-E & milkcrates

Wall-E still

Wall-E milkcrate still

Wall-E milkcrate detail

I was really late to see Wall-E. Not for any particular reason…I guess it was just a busy time. Last weekend I finally went and saw it, and I was honestly blown away. Pixar is just so damn good at what they do. The trailers do not do the movie justice at all. The story is cute, but the visuals (especially early on) are seriously intense. Once again, the good people at Pixar have embraced the milkcrate. They did it in Toy Story (watch trailer), and here again they have represented the milk crate in film.

Cratehouse for Castleford: milkcrate tower in Yorkshire, England

Cratehouse for Castleford: Photo by Jonty Wilde

Cratehouse for Castleford: Photo by Jonty Wilde

Cratehouse at Castleford: Photo by Porl Medlock Cratehouse at Castleford: Photo by Porl Medlock Cratehouse at Castleford: Photo by Porl Medlock

Milkcrate construction is one of my favorite subjects. This tower was built (and sadly was only up for about 6 months) at the Yorkshire, England in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. From the press release: “German artists Winter/Hörbelt were commissioned by Arts Council England, Yorkshire to create Cratehouse for Castleford, a beautiful, light-filled structure constructed from shipping containers and bottle crates.” I love stuff like this, and it inspires me to do more building. –> Cratehouse at Castleford press release from September 18th, 2006

More Milkcrate Inspired Technology in LeBron Soldier 2 sneaker

LeBron Soldier 2 - sole

LeBron Soldier 2 - toe detail

LeBron Soldier 2 - lace detail

The Nike people keep on bringing the LeBron milkcrate technology to the fore. The 2nd version of the LeBron Soldier 2 shoe shows even more milkcrate inspired details than the first (which I posted in December 2007) –> thanks to & for the great pics.


Crate tech

Australia continues to be on the bleeding edge of milkcrate lifestyle. The Design Computing and Architecture disciplines at the University of Sydney (wow that’s a big name) just sent over this project – “petro cow project” – that they are undertaking. A merging of sociology, architecture, and milkcrates – what could be sweeter.