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Sparkin’ Crate Slide


Sometimes a bad situation can create amazing things. These young men found one of their wheels with a flat spot–this, coupled with a good ole’ milkcrate, turned into a powerslide session and some sparkin’ good times. Click over to view the wheel afterwards –> Fun with milk crate sliding and flat spots via Silver Fish Longboarding

Milk Crate Skate


Milkcrates and skateboards go back to the beginning for me. Playing with crates, stacking them to see how high I can ollie, and sometimes just knocking them down was the beginning of my love of the form. The misfits at American Misfits have done a series of these videos. This one just popped up on YouTube –>Fuel TV  – Milk Crate Skatin. The timing is almost perfect, after watching the video and getting motivated, buy one of these, I Heart Milkcrate skateboards.


Milkcrate as street ski while juggling

Milkcrate style waterski/juggling stunt

I’m fairly certain that this is Laban Pheidias using a milkcrate on wet pavement like a waterski while juggling! He’s an evil genius. Watch the video –> Crazy milk crate juggling stunt

Andy Macdonald – milkcrate skateboard sessions

Andy Macdonald - milkcrate skate sessions

Andy Macdonald is a very under-rated skateboarder. His ability and skill is unmatched on vert, and he is very inventive and clever. This video is part of the American Misfits show I believe. –> See the whole video

Future primitive

Future primitive

Milkcrates and skateboarding go way back. Proof positive: Future Primitive, circa 1985. Lance Mountain down with the crate lifestyle.

The thought ninjas are down

Thought Ninjas crate design

Forwarded by Mr. Randy Pikul, we have the Thought Ninjas promoting the milkcrate legacy. Let the love flow.

Triple crate ollie

Randy Grey ollies 3 in Providence

The old scan organization continues. This photo by Hisham Bharoocha, I think, is of Randy Grey circa 1994. This photo is on the back cover of Milkcrate Digest #1, in black and white.