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Suicidal Crates



Suicidal Tendencies is a LA punk group from the early 80s. This video for “Institutionalized” is classic: skateboarding, hot color tees and punk music. Also included is a milkcrate in use, helping the parents to build out a padded room for lead vocalist Mike Muir.

Crates + DJ + Poster

DJs and milkcrates go together like white on rice. A buddy just sent me this great RjD2 poster featuring the object of my affections. –> Waxin’ And Milkin’ via FFFound

Milkcrates as Cymbals


The two man band, “Uncle Scratch Gospel Revival” is a bit unorthodox. The drummer uses a steel milkcrate, upside down as a cymbal. I like it. –> Uncle Scratch Gospel Revival kicks the drums at the Smokeout 10 via

?uestlove from the Roots & milkcrates

Ok, this isn’t really about milkcrates–but in this video (by Ted Passon) about The Roots and their love of Philadelphia, the interview takes place in front of a stack of milk crates.

Sweet Milkcrate Music

I always loved the song “Nitro Burning Funny Cars” by the Dead Milkmen. There’s a line in that song that I’ll paraphrase… no one will ever write a song about nitro burning funny cars. The same could be said of milk crates – but Franklin Bruno did write that song–thank goodness.

Milkcrate by Franklin Bruno

Milkcrate Productions

I stumbled upon this young company that makes music, apparel and bongs sorry, I mean glasswear. Check out Milkcrate Productions.

Milk Truck Tonefloat music

Tone Float

This vehicle(?) is a moving music making machine powered by the sound of milk bottles. It was created for Walk the Plank for the inaugural and very first Manchester Art Car Parade. –> Story from MakeZine here –> Tonefloat website

How many LPs fit in a milkcrate?

I know this should be a simple question to answer. There is some history here. In the 70s they changed the size of milkcrates, and milk gallon jugs because people were stealing milkcrates at an alarming rate.  LPs fit perfectly in the older sized crates. The new crates still accommodate records, but you have to put them at a slight angle. Not as sweet, but still quite functional. But, then CDs took over, so the issue was moot.

Records in a milkcrate

Anyway, enough of the history lesson, the kids over at TribalWar (a gaming blog) discuss this in the forums.