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Michael Cera & Ellen Page love Milkcrates

See how much Ellen Page & Michael Cera are having with that milkcrate stool. It must be great having all the money in the world and having the self-awareness to choose a solid milk crate based stool. These kids today, gotta love em.

Crate Hockey Tantrum

Milkcrate Hockey Tantrum

Tuukka Rask has only played 5 NHL games, but for the Providence Bruins of the AHL Rask made a name for himself with an all-star post-game tantrum. The finale of this display was throwing a milkcrate onto the ice from the tunnel. I love everything about this story. I wish I could do an interview with this guy. Watch the whole video here –> Tuukka Rask loses his temper after shootout loss (March 21st, 2009), full story here via Sports of Boston

Crate Lifting

Milkcrate assist in the weight room

Using milkcrates in the weight room isn’t new ground but this usage is a nice simple trick. This video from the youTube was posted by Curt James, from Body –> “Reverse” rows x 12 reps (kinda)

Milkcrate as street ski while juggling

Milkcrate style waterski/juggling stunt

I’m fairly certain that this is Laban Pheidias using a milkcrate on wet pavement like a waterski while juggling! He’s an evil genius. Watch the video –> Crazy milk crate juggling stunt

Andy Macdonald – milkcrate skateboard sessions

Andy Macdonald - milkcrate skate sessions

Andy Macdonald is a very under-rated skateboarder. His ability and skill is unmatched on vert, and he is very inventive and clever. This video is part of the American Misfits show I believe. –> See the whole video

Milkcrates for money (and your chicks for free)

Film Tools milkcrate

Film Tools milkcrates

Film Tools milkcrate

Some people have a problem with the illegal distribution and losses associated with free range milkcrates. For those people, comes to your moral aid, and for $19.50 (or $420 for 24) will sell you real life 6-gallon milkcrates. I wonder how they get them?

The Milkcrate Canucks

Milkcrate Canucks

The video knocked my socks off. The Milkcrate Canucks are inventive, reckless, and living the milk crate lifestyle to the fullest. See the video on You Tube –> You Tube: Milkcrate Canucks

Don Kahler video: Building a Milkcrate Stage

Don Kahler video: building a milkcrate stage

ICA Opening

This is way long overdue on this site. Don Kahler made this video that shows some of the process and thought behind my milkcrate stage from the SPACE1026 ICA show earlier this year. Watch the video, and big thanks to Don Kahler for letting me post it. Small version (5.5 Mbs) Hi-Res (15.5 MBs)

Future primitive

Future primitive

Milkcrates and skateboarding go way back. Proof positive: Future Primitive, circa 1985. Lance Mountain down with the crate lifestyle.

Pretty in plastic

Pretty in Pink

I grew up in the 80s.