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Unis in NYC is Crate Savy

Unis in New York is a high end line and store. Their relaxed interior features a vintage metal milkcrate. –> Sit and Read x Unis Chairs via Cool Hunting

Milkcrates as Cymbals


The two man band, “Uncle Scratch Gospel Revival” is a bit unorthodox. The drummer uses a steel milkcrate, upside down as a cymbal. I like it. –> Uncle Scratch Gospel Revival kicks the drums at the Smokeout 10 via

Vintage Wire Milk Crate


High Street Market on Etsy is selling 2 of these cute vintage wire milkcrates. I’ve considering it, I really am, just $10. –> Vintage White Milk Crate, wire grid with a green handle

retro-wire-milkcrate-02 retro-wire-milkcrate-03

Firewood Storage Crate


The real world provides a never-ending supply of material for the blog. I’m not sure where this house is, but they have found a beautiful old wooden & metal Carnation brand milkcrate that is now in use as their firewood box. via–> A Great Leap in the Dark, 11 Weeks Later…

Art making with metal(crates)

Fine art and metal(crates)

I don’t know why the scultor’s web site is called blue sloth. But, he makes some crazy stuff out of metal and he is fond of milkcrates. I’ve even posted about his once in the past. The pic above, shows the use of an old school metal milkcrate – the roots run deep. –> Tools of the Trade

Old school metal milkcrate with flowers

Flowers in a metal milkcrate

Check out this sweet antique metal milkcrate. The flowers are a very pretty touch. –> A Few Blooms

Metal Porch Milkcrate

Metal Porch Milkcrate

Metal Porch Milk Crate

Nebraska is the kind of place that oozes of that classic, movie-like Americana. These photos from Amber’s porch show just how ingrained the milk crate is to our way of life. The vintage metal crate, from Roberts Dairy, brings the usage full circle and brings the function back. –> See the full post here