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Crate Hockey Tantrum

Milkcrate Hockey Tantrum

Tuukka Rask has only played 5 NHL games, but for the Providence Bruins of the AHL Rask made a name for himself with an all-star post-game tantrum. The finale of this display was throwing a milkcrate onto the ice from the tunnel. I love everything about this story. I wish I could do an interview with this guy. Watch the whole video here –> Tuukka Rask loses his temper after shootout loss (March 21st, 2009), full story here via Sports of Boston

RISD Ceramics Hearts Milkcrates

Esquire Magazine did a nice little photo shoot with a group of graduating RISD students. In the back of one of these photos, in the ceramics studio shows the love of milkcrates from the school. RISD is where Milkcrate Digest got it’s start by the way. –> Intelligent Design

history speaks

The milkcrate arch

I was going through some old scans this morning and found this image from back in the Providence, Rhode Island days. This photo was taken by Alex Aranovich while we were building the milkcrate arch inside America’s first mall, the Arcade.