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Milkcrate Arch in Philadelphia

Joe Girandola is a sculptor and educator in Philadelphia. This past Summer he installed this milk crate arch project called “Perso/Trovo” outside the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Read “How Did You Use Milk Crates in College” via Ornamento

Scooter Support

My sweet wife, Amy, took this photo on a walk in Philadelphia. She’s not as “into milkcrates” as I am, but she’s super supportive–spotting crates everywhere, shooting pictures and everything.

Milkcrates in Corian®


What if milkcrates were made out of Corian® by Dupont? Well, in Philadelphia you can see the results (google map link). Corian Bench Inventions in Philadelphia Via Design Milk

Milkcrate Cafe

Milkcrate Cafe

Milkcrates, coffee and records go hand in hand like nothing else I can think of. In my fair city of Philadelphia, the Milkcrate Cafe is now open for business. The store is located at 400 E Girard Ave., Philadelphia, PA. Their blog is here –> Milkcrate Cafe blog

?uestlove from the Roots & milkcrates

Ok, this isn’t really about milkcrates–but in this video (by Ted Passon) about The Roots and their love of Philadelphia, the interview takes place in front of a stack of milk crates.

Crate-tainer Gardening

My wife spotted this one on a walk home–Milkcrates as containers for inner-city gardening.

Roots Picnic

Second stage clean up at the Roots Picnic

The Milkcrate Armatron, monitor rig

My buddy Nicolas has done it again. A little while back I posted about Nick’s question (How Many Crates Can You Carry?) and now he’s posted this amazing contraption that he calls the armatron –>Read the full post

Milkcrates at 30th St.

Crate basketball

Milkcrate basket in Philadelphia

Good ole real life in the streets of Philadelphia. Photo by Don Kahler.