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Milkcrate Arch in Philadelphia

Joe Girandola is a sculptor and educator in Philadelphia. This past Summer he installed this milk crate arch project called “Perso/Trovo” outside the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Read “How Did You Use Milk Crates in College” via Ornamento

Green Crate Shelter

Living Pavilion Interior

Figment project worked to build the ‘Living Pavilion’ from their 2010 City of Dreams contest. This was the winning entry and was installed on Governors Island in New York for gatherings and activities on the island. The Living Pavilion was designed by Ann Ha and Behrang Behin.

From the Figment site…
Living Pavilion is a low-tech, low-impact installation that employs milk crates as the framework for growing planted surface similar to a green wall. Living Pavilion aspires to create a synthesis of form, structure, light and life. The pavilion’s surface is planted with hanging shade-tolerant plants that will provide an environment maintained at a cooler temperature because of evapotranspiration from the plants. At the end of the season, the pavilion’s modular design will allow easy disassembly and distribution of the planted milk crates to the New York area for use in homes, public places, and community gardens.

Living Pavilion Exterior Living Pavilion Interior

Scooter Support

My sweet wife, Amy, took this photo on a walk in Philadelphia. She’s not as “into milkcrates” as I am, but she’s super supportive–spotting crates everywhere, shooting pictures and everything.

Milkcrates Make Life Better

The Long Island Index created a design competition to re-imagine the suburbs. The above entry is from Dub Studios and features milkcrates. They know that milkcrates make everything better. via The New York Ttimes, Seven Winning Visions of a Suburbia Reborn

College + Milkcrate

The good people at 160 over 90 ( a top notch design agency in Philadelphia) created a sweet newprint piece for Loyola University. The images here detail the use of the iconic milkcrate form. Every college student knows the milk crate well. Milkcrate Digest got its start at college. via FFFFOUND! or for full images & story at 160over90

Unis in NYC is Crate Savy

Unis in New York is a high end line and store. Their relaxed interior features a vintage metal milkcrate. –> Sit and Read x Unis Chairs via Cool Hunting

Ramon Coronado’s Black Market Furniture

I know these aren’t milkcrates. But, Ramon Coronado has created something from the overlooked and transformed an everyday object, giving it a new (and very beautiful) life. All of Ramon’s work has a political edge and his re-appropriation of the “stolen” shopping cart is no different. Check out his site for more details, process and to see the rest of his efforts. Black Market Furniture by Ramon Coronado via Re-Nest

ESPO Crate Studio

If you don’t know ESPO then you need to educate yourself and learn the ways of the modern mastermind. If you would have asked me, sight-unseen, “how many milkcrates ESPO does have in his studio?” My answer would have been, “about 20.” I think I would have been pretty spot on. –> Steve Powers ESPO at his studio in New York City, via The Selby

Rooftop Crate at Bouley

Milkcrate Digest’s version of a Where’s Waldo – find that sneaky little crate above Bouley in NYC. –> Weekend Guide :: 1.29.10 via Sunday Suppers

‘Helpful’ Man Steals ‘Stolen’ Milk Crate

I love this craig’s list post. A man was carrying home vintage milk crates (no mention of where he obtained them) two helpful men offered to assist him and one walked off with the best one of the bunch. He posts this to recover his stolen property.

from the post:

I was carrying home some vintage milk crates this morning and struggling to juggle them all. Two amazing trash collectors offered to help me carry them to my apt down the street, and an older gentleman expressed interest in my crates and then proceeded to walk off with one of them! If you know anyone who “found” a vintage Hood milk crate on Cooper St. this morning – He actually took the nicest of the bunch and should really give it back.