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Crate Stories Through Photography

Nagano Toyokazu is a very talented photographer with a cute family to boot. He creates amazing stories in his photos. I was personally taken with the two above, but there is a ton of great stuff on his Flickr. –>Sweet Sisters Growing Up In Japan via Design You Trust

Milkcrate Stacking? at camp

Japan Camp Milkcrate Stacks

I’ve stumbled across this young woman’s blog. I think she’s from Japan, and the photo above is from her recent camp trip. Apparently they do this activity, “milkcrate stacking”, and it’s some kind of sanctioned thing. They are wearing helmets, but this still seems like a pretty bad idea. That’s not to say that I haven’t done this myself, but I’m quite a dumbass sometimes. –> My Love is You, camp update

James finds Milkcrates in Japan

James finds Milkcrates in Japan

Someone named James is spending three months in Japan. I am jealous. He’s got a little blog post of his experiences, with some photos as well. This one (above) caught my eye. Read the full post here –> James in Japan