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Darling Foundry Milkcrate Curtain

Darling Foundry Milkcrate Curtain

I stumbled on this one really late. At the Darling Foundry in Montreal, Canada artists Philippe Allard and Justin Duchesneau created this amazing milkcrate wall.

Here’s the Montreal Gazette story.

Moose Crate Says Safety First


Biking in Montreal, Canada must be pretty dangerous. This crate is prepped for install with a full suite of reflective tape and reflectors. The moose sticker just makes the whole thing for me. –> via Moose Wanderings

Green Milkcrate Aids in Pink Graffiti


This young green crate was seen aiding a graffiti artist paint this mural in Toronto. It’s crazy how impressionable milk crates are these days. – via Pixelize

Crateoons via Canada


This little toon by Mr. Eric Dyck is a nice glimpse of life in Canada. Milkcrates are everywhere, but we know this. via Eric’s –> Mon Qui Towne comics

Bus tells milkcrate totting cyclist to remove crate

Milkcrate enabled cyclist punked by transit

Cyclist, Robert Wilson, was told by an Ontario, Canada bus driver that he could not mount his bike onto the buses rack with his milkcrate attached. Mr. Wilson has ridden thousands of miles with his bungeed on crate and refused to remove his trusty crate.“If it hasn’t fallen off in 2,000 miles, how do you figure it’s going to fall off the bus in three blocks?”, said Robert Wilson. The bus company cried about liability. Mr. Wilson asks, “For the city to install bike racks on buses, then deny people the right to use them, it’s flagrantly wrong.” Reported by the Hamilton Spectator –> crate keeps bike off bus rack

Milkcrate Saddlebags for your bicycle

Milkcrate Saddlebags for your bike

Tim Anderson posted this great shot and how-to for building out milkcrate saddlebags off of a standard pannier. via –> Milk Crate Bicycle Saddlebags

The Milkcrate Canucks

Milkcrate Canucks

The video knocked my socks off. The Milkcrate Canucks are inventive, reckless, and living the milk crate lifestyle to the fullest. See the video on You Tube –> You Tube: Milkcrate Canucks


Crate lighting

Come Up To My Room: The Gladstone Hotel’s Annual Alt. Design Event, read more about this show here.