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Crate Sphere on the loose & the Milkcrate Borg Ship


The Adelaide Fringe Festival in Australia was host to the Crateman Crew’s milkcrate sphere. The creation uses 688 crates and is pretty big and heavy. It was part of a parade and was also part social experiment. In this case the experiment failed. The hope was that the crowd would join in guiding the crate ball through the route – in reality the people were afraid and the ball got out of control. The powers that be had to stop the ball and it was moved to the safe area as seen in the photo. Does anyone have pics or video of this baby in motion? via–>Wooster Collective, The Crate Sphere

After the Milkcrate Castle was built for Milkcrate Digest #2 was had the problem of getting rid of 800+ milkcrates. We found a milk crate pick up spot at a small cafe, but it was one huge hill from where the castle was built. In the middle of the night, we decided that the best way to get them down the hill was to tie them all together (in the middle of a street) in what we dubbed, “the milkcrate borg ship.” For the first 50 feet, this worked great. Then we hit some kind of pipe in the street. The whole stack came to a halt while the twine gave way, sending crates here and there. We couldn’t move the beast and soon enough a car came. Some frat boy in a Jeep SUV pulled up behind our crates and stopped. He decided for whatever reason to try and run it over. The crates bent, big did not budge. What was left, after he backed up and went around, was a mess. We moved the crates into the a small wooded area near the scene.

We thought this was over – it was not. The following Monday we got a call from the school where all this went down. They found the crates and demanded that we get the crates out of there. What happened couldn’t have been planned. The freshman students were arriving on campus the next day. We made flyers and set up shop near the dorm (the castle was built in one of the dorm patio areas). The flyers promoted our free milkcrate give a away. Within hours all the milkcrates had been given out to incoming students. We had moved the crates back into the dorm one crate at a time.

The Milkcrate Kid


This kid is gonna be awesome. He has his Dad to thank. Matt Burga spotted and shot this in Australia (i think) and sent it in. Thanks Matt. via–> Matt Burga’s Flickr

Beautiful Crate Photo


Kamran Channa, from Australia (I think), shot this great shot of a man and his milk crate seat. See more of Kamran’s work here –>Kamran Channa @

Clumsy Aussie soccer fan hurts head via milkcrate and sues the team

A fan of the Canberra Raiders, an Australian soccer team, fell during an on-field half-time competition. The game consisted of catching soccer balls in a milkcrate. The sponsor of the event was a local dairy, Canberra Milk. The participant fell and lost consciousness. He may have hit his dome on the milkcrate in the spill. He is now suing the team for his injury and for the sad state of his life. I one main question: why was a dairy promoting a game where milk crates are in use illegally? –>via LiveNews, Raiders fan sues over half-time catching contest injury and –>via The Canberra Times, Fan sues Raiders for injuries

Melbourne film geeks love the milkcrates

Irving Z. Gribbish shows films through projectors propped up on milkcrates. He does it for the love of the movies. Once again the Aussies rule the crate world. –>via the, The Reel Thing

Milk crates are everywhere online…

Crateman on the Water Tower

Milkcrates are all over the internet these days, and I’ve been seeing hits on my crate radar from every corner of the web. The above picture is from Australia, we’ve seen some of these before, but‘s forums have a nice little gallery of the lot.

Something called has a great post with all kinds of crate creations. –> How creative can you get with crates

One of my favorite sites, makezine has recently posted a milkcrate post as well. –> Milkcrate chandelier and roundup

Milkcrate Cafe in Melbourne

Milkcrate Cafe

I just can’t say enough about the Australian people’s love of milkcrates. Once again, in Melbourne, they have upped the ante with  an impromptu outdoor milkcrate cafe. To hell with Starbucks, this is the future. –> Milk Crate Cafe

Crucified milkcrate man in Australia

A Milkcrate man on a Australian building

By far the Australians live the milkcrate lifestyle most freely. Once again from down under a large public milkcrate sculpture, in the form of a man has appeared. via Melbourne In Post here–> Milk Crate Man

the Aussies live it – Milk Crate Theater

Milk Crate Theater

The milkcrate news has been slow in these dog days of Summer. But, once again the Australian people have come to the table with something pushing the milkcrate lifestyle forward. Milk Crate Theater is a “solely dedicated to the homeless and disadvantaged community”. Click the photo above for more pics of their work in action.

Crateman seen in busy Australian intersection

sitting crateman

Once again the Australians are on the crate cutting edge. This sitting crate man (click the photo, for towo larger shots) was placed in a very busy intersection in Bendigo, Australia. It was only there for a few hours, but made quite a stir. Read the full story.