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Awesome Waste of Time

BPay in Australia hosted a video contest titled “Awesome Time Wasting”. One of the four winning entries features some amazing (or awesome) stop-motion animation with Australian milkcrates. Watch the video after the jump. This was sent in by one of our readers – Nick Drewe, big thanks Nick! For more on the contest, check out –>AwesomeTimeWasting

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Souped up (with crates) Corolla

Anthony has pimped his Corolla with an innovative milk crate storage rack. It adds extra storage beyond the trunk. It is done with serious conviction and execution. I love it. Anthony and his buddy Gilbert clean up after tourists at the Mimosa Rocks National Park. –> deep roots technology via iconophila

Crate Side Tables At The Movies

At the Speak Easy Cinema in Melbourne, Australia they had a problem. Where do I put my drink? They found the answer in the milkcrate. With the help of some scrap plywood, signboard and even some cupboard doors (with handles still on) they managed to create a slew of tables to make the viewing experience a little better. Thanks Ben (from Speak Easy Cinema for sending this in).

Crate Cushions


So simple and so right, Etsy maker NotToday created these clever and functional cushions for your milk crate seating. They are a little pricey for my cheap behind (grid marks are not sexy) but you guys out there should get some. Poor Man’s Patio Milk Crate Chairs via Renter’s Relief on Michi Girl

Rock Martin Interprets the Milkcrate


Rock Martin, from the good ole’ Australian continent, sent me a link to these great milkcrate inspired pieces. I love the metal one (see below). Check out more pics and his other works at their site –>

rockmartin-crates-02 rockmartin-crates-05

rockmartin-crates-04 rockmartin-crates-03

Crate Stuck in the Tree


Poodly on Flickr shot this odd scene from Australia. See more on his photostream.

Milkcrate Theater turns 10!


I’d like to congratulate the Milkcrate Theater on reaching their 10th year of work. They are a great organization doing good while living the milkcrate lifestyle. –> Milk Crate Theater for Sydney’s homeless turns ten via Sydyney Central

Crate Stool Modification


Sometimes a simple idea only needs a little nudge to get to a better place. Simon AncherĀ  & Bruce Nye designed this simple wooden modification for Aussie milkcrates to transform them into more proper seating. –> State of Design Festival, Simon Ancher on Designboom




Aussie Bike Baskets

basket-crate custom-basket-crate

On this blog I haven’t been shy about my admiration for the Australian people’s ingenuity with milk crates. We have two simple examples here, but the hose details on the custom cut bike storage rack is a very sweet touch. –> via Treadly and Me, Basket cases

Crate Pavilion Time Lapse Action


The good kids at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) built this great milkcrate set up for a recent RMIT SEEDS (Student Entrepreneurs, Education and Development in Society) event. In addition to some great flickr pics, someone with the code name ‘Omega’ shot this cool time lapse video of the construction. Nothing beats the boundless energy of college kids.