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Don’t Steal


Crystal Creamery is on a mission to stop the theft of milkcrates. They claim that milk crate theft costs the dairy industry $80 million a year. That’s a lot of dairy. This effort is focused on the large scale operations that steal crates to grind them up for the raw materials that are now being traded in recycling for big bucks. The International Dairy Foods Association says over 20 million crates are stolen every year. I could build some awesome stuff with that many crates.

I agree with part of this effort. Please don’t steal milkcrates and destroy them for money. Do borrow milkcrates and build awesome things.

Read the whole story on The Modesto Bee

Milkcrate Athletics & Nike in Lawsuit Over Something Neither Own

Aaron LaCrate and his brand of Milkcrate Athletics is suing Nike for recent usage of milkcrates, related images and words on a series of recent LeBron James apparel and footwear. They claim that Nike is confusing the public and using their brand properties. I’ve been putting milkcrates on t-shirts since 1997 (see one below) so I don’t know how someone could own that idea, but Milkcrate Athletics is going for it with this lawsuit. I don’t see any confusion of brand infringement, but we’ll let the courts work it out.

It’s my opinion that no one owns the milkcrate image. It’s like saying you own the letter “F”. Milkcrates are in the public domain and no one can lay claim to it. I am a supporter of artist’s rights and I’m the first person to call foul when artists get ripped off (see You Though We Wouldn’t Notice) but this just seems a bit silly. If he wins, I’d like a cut please. –> Milkcrate Athletics Files Trademark Suit Against Nike Over LeBron James’s Milkcrate-Themed Shoes via

“Authentic” Milk Crate For Sale

Duluth Trading Company is selling “authentic” milkcrates for $14.50 bones, or $12.50 if you order more than one. Add $10 for standard shipping and the cost goes up quickly. I know that there are those out there who balk at the legality of the home use milkcrate. For those squeamish types, Duluth comes to the rescue. Mike the Yak Fisherman says it best in the reviews, “Now you can get one… legally!” I love the fact that they include the above photo, in case you can’t figure out what to do with your new milk crate. –> The Real McCoy, Original Commercial Milkcrate via Duluth Trading Company

The features of a “real” milkcrate:

  • Original classic commercial Milk Crate from USA supplier
  • 1001 uses for storage, organization, transport
  • Heavy-duty HDPE plastic
  • Holds 35 lbs. or more
  • Built in handles on all 4 sides
  • Stackable
  • Measures 12”W x 12″L x 11”H
  • Made in USA

Huge Plastic Thievery Ring Put Down


Five people in Maryland (Bodymore, Murdaland?) were arrested for stealing over $400,000 dollars worth of plastic pallets and crates. It took seven months to catch these maniacs. I wonder what they were building? –> cartoon via The Daily Bumble, news –> Milk Crate Thefts via Dairy Business

Legal scare tactics is an industry site that reports on the goings on of the plastic set. They recently posted this scary report on the ‘theft’ of milkcrates in the country. –> Milk crate bandits

In addition Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a milk crate theft law back in September 2006. The law is really about reselling milkcrates, and focuses on dairy people with more than five crates and selling them for recycling. Who would sell milkcrates! That just seems wrong. — via, Schwarzenegger signs milk crate theft law

Quick Crate Hits

The web has been all a flutter lately with mentions and random news.

Massachusetts legislators pitch 1 year prison sentences for milk crate theives

The state of Massachusetts has always had some interesting priorities. Michael F. Kane, a Democrat, is putting forth a bill that would create a penalty scale for crate thieves. Fines for first, second, and third offenses, all the way up to $1,000 and a year in prison for stealing more than $100 worth of crates. Kane said, “These crates have been used for many years in college dorms for basically storage and furniture… Obviously, I don’t want to see any college students going to jail over this, but it is becoming a cost to the industry.” I can’t wait for the first rich kid at Harvard to be jailed because of this stupid law. Read more about the Mass tax dollars at work.