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Darling Foundry Milkcrate Curtain

Darling Foundry Milkcrate Curtain

I stumbled on this one really late. At the Darling Foundry in Montreal, Canada artists Philippe Allard and Justin Duchesneau created this amazing milkcrate wall.

Here’s the Montreal Gazette story.

Green Crate Shelter

Living Pavilion Interior

Figment project worked to build the ‘Living Pavilion’ from their 2010 City of Dreams contest. This was the winning entry and was installed on Governors Island in New York for gatherings and activities on the island. The Living Pavilion was designed by Ann Ha and Behrang Behin.

From the Figment site…
Living Pavilion is a low-tech, low-impact installation that employs milk crates as the framework for growing planted surface similar to a green wall. Living Pavilion aspires to create a synthesis of form, structure, light and life. The pavilion’s surface is planted with hanging shade-tolerant plants that will provide an environment maintained at a cooler temperature because of evapotranspiration from the plants. At the end of the season, the pavilion’s modular design will allow easy disassembly and distribution of the planted milk crates to the New York area for use in homes, public places, and community gardens.

Living Pavilion Exterior Living Pavilion Interior

Crateman Strikes Again!

Part of the amazing crateman legacy, a new one in Cape Town, South Africa made of Coca-Cola crates. Crateman via Mental_Floss

Crate Pavilion Time Lapse Action


The good kids at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) built this great milkcrate set up for a recent RMIT SEEDS (Student Entrepreneurs, Education and Development in Society) event. In addition to some great flickr pics, someone with the code name ‘Omega’ shot this cool time lapse video of the construction. Nothing beats the boundless energy of college kids.

Tech Kids Gay for Milk Crates


The students of Illonois Institute of Technology created this great lawn installation using milkcrates and some wedge shaped elements. It’s very well done and I’m surprised it didn’t come up on my crate-dar sooner. via–> Thank You For Your Submission, Lawn installations at Illinois Institute of Technology

Cratehouse for Castleford: milkcrate tower in Yorkshire, England

Cratehouse for Castleford: Photo by Jonty Wilde

Cratehouse for Castleford: Photo by Jonty Wilde

Cratehouse at Castleford: Photo by Porl Medlock Cratehouse at Castleford: Photo by Porl Medlock Cratehouse at Castleford: Photo by Porl Medlock

Milkcrate construction is one of my favorite subjects. This tower was built (and sadly was only up for about 6 months) at the Yorkshire, England in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. From the press release: “German artists Winter/Hörbelt were commissioned by Arts Council England, Yorkshire to create Cratehouse for Castleford, a beautiful, light-filled structure constructed from shipping containers and bottle crates.” I love stuff like this, and it inspires me to do more building. –> Cratehouse at Castleford press release from September 18th, 2006

history speaks

The milkcrate arch

I was going through some old scans this morning and found this image from back in the Providence, Rhode Island days. This photo was taken by Alex Aranovich while we were building the milkcrate arch inside America’s first mall, the Arcade.