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Milkcrate Halfrack or LoFi Porteur Rack

Milkcrate Halfrack

Jim at posted this little beauteous modified milkcrate rack for his bike with drop bars. –> LoFi Porteur Rack

Milkcrate Saddlebags for your bicycle

Milkcrate Saddlebags for your bike

Tim Anderson posted this great shot and how-to for building out milkcrate saddlebags off of a standard pannier. via –> Milk Crate Bicycle Saddlebags

Don Kahler video: Building a Milkcrate Stage

Don Kahler video: building a milkcrate stage

ICA Opening

This is way long overdue on this site. Don Kahler made this video that shows some of the process and thought behind my milkcrate stage from the SPACE1026 ICA show earlier this year. Watch the video, and big thanks to Don Kahler for letting me post it. Small version (5.5 Mbs) Hi-Res (15.5 MBs)