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Milkcrate Container Gardening

Gardening is all the rage these days. Milkcrates will not be left out. Check out this great instructable on how to create your own elevated milkcrate container garden. –> Five ways to Get Your Grow On in a Small Space via Re-Nest

Popular Milkcrates: Inner Tube Boat

Jason sent in this amazing milkcrate find from the archives of Popular Mechanics. The February issue from 1984 featured this great DIY milkcrate project–a personalized inner tube boat. All you need is a six gallon milkcrate, an inner tube, standard lumber and a motor. If you haven’t heard, the entire history of Popular Mechanics is available online now, check it out. –> Popular Mechanics, February 1984 with milkcrates

Crateified Mud Room

Another awesome user submitted project: the milk crate mud room. Rick, from Portland, sent this in and explains that he uses a simple french cleat to attach the crates to the wall in a clean way. He even bought new crates at the container store. That’s not exactly how I would have done it, but different strokes for different folks. Thanks Rick.

Bicycle Turn Signals


Someone who goes by the handle Cowboy Rider created this hardcore implementation of tail lights for your bike. –> 12 Volt Turn Signals, Lighting via Motorbicycling

Milkcrate Toilet


This is not for everyone, but the crate potty is a truly hardcore development for anyone who wants to live the milkcrate lifestyle. The creator sees this device as a human composting system, not just a place to read. You decide for yourself. –> Humanure Dry Toilet Made From a Milk Crate, via Homegrown Evolution

Koi pond filter crate sacrifice

Koi pond filter crate sacrifice

Koi pond filter crate sacrifice

Koi pond filter

This very detailed how-to shows you how to build a home made koi pond filter. The milkcrate is sacrificed in the process, but it’s for the good of the fishes, so I guess it’s ok. Via –> My first filter build

My new crate bike rig

A while back, I bungeed this 6 gallon crate onto my bike. Problems came on a heavy load trip because my tie down wasn’t so tight. This new edition fixes a piece of plywood, which is then screwed to the milk crate. It’s super solid now.

Sweet crate reinventions

Milkcrate Soundbooth

Milkcrates abound throughout the web. I’ve pulled some recent milk crate inventions. The above image is from, a great how to site. This images comes from a great post on how to build a portable milkcrate sound booth. –> DIY portable sound booth

Worm Crates

These aren’t milkcrates, BUT they are soda crates and Mr. Kyle Lawson has crafted them into a home vermicomposting setup. I don’t even know what that is, but I like it. –> Worms!

Wooden Crate magazine rack

This last one is great. It brings the old into the new. An old school wooden milk crate transformed simply into a rolling magazine rack. –> summer projects and finds…

How many crates can you carry?

John Freeborn carries 8 Don Khaler carries 8

Simple question…how many milkcrates can you carry with one hand? My old buddy Nicolas answers this in a great forum post with some great accompanying pictures. The one above right is by Nicolas, of his model/assistant Don Kahler. I like this pic a lot! Full post here –> How many milkcrates can you carry with one hand?


Milkcrate Port-A-Potty

From Paintball Nation forums someone came up with a genius milkcrate port-a-potty modification. I think the graphic (above) speaks for itself. Read the full post and comments –> Crate Potty