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Crate Cruisers from Brooklyn


Bikes and milk crates go together like chips and dip–it’s hard to do it once you’ve had that experience. The folks at Brooklyn Cruiser seem to know this and have been showing off thier bikes with wooden crates attached. They also offer a “handcrafted wooden bike crate” upgrade of their own for $79.99. That seems a little steep to me, but then I use a standard 6 gallon plastic crate on my bike.


Thanks to Bless This Stuff for the original post.

“Authentic” Milk Crate For Sale

Duluth Trading Company is selling “authentic” milkcrates for $14.50 bones, or $12.50 if you order more than one. Add $10 for standard shipping and the cost goes up quickly. I know that there are those out there who balk at the legality of the home use milkcrate. For those squeamish types, Duluth comes to the rescue. Mike the Yak Fisherman says it best in the reviews, “Now you can get one… legally!” I love the fact that they include the above photo, in case you can’t figure out what to do with your new milk crate. –> The Real McCoy, Original Commercial Milkcrate via Duluth Trading Company

The features of a “real” milkcrate:

  • Original classic commercial Milk Crate from USA supplier
  • 1001 uses for storage, organization, transport
  • Heavy-duty HDPE plastic
  • Holds 35 lbs. or more
  • Built in handles on all 4 sides
  • Stackable
  • Measures 12”W x 12″L x 11”H
  • Made in USA

Walmart Selling Fake Out Crates

I don’t know why Walmart is calling this a milk crate. It does not stack, it’s made of cardboard (not plastic) and worst of all they are charging $34.99. –> OIA Onyx Milk Crate via

Crate Cushions


So simple and so right, Etsy maker NotToday created these clever and functional cushions for your milk crate seating. They are a little pricey for my cheap behind (grid marks are not sexy) but you guys out there should get some. Poor Man’s Patio Milk Crate Chairs via Renter’s Relief on Michi Girl

Milkcrate Furniture with Flair


Milkcrate furniture isn’t new on this blog but this stuff has a polish that isn’t usually associated with my plastic buddies. These pieces are the creation of Tel Aviv Etsy artist Natymosko. It’s good to know who made these great pieces finally. The prices are a little steep for my taste but good milk crate design ideas are always welcome. –> Milk Crate Envy via Working Title

boxlife_live boxlife_unit

Vintage Wire Milk Crate


High Street Market on Etsy is selling 2 of these cute vintage wire milkcrates. I’ve considering it, I really am, just $10. –> Vintage White Milk Crate, wire grid with a green handle

retro-wire-milkcrate-02 retro-wire-milkcrate-03

Crate buttons

Milkcrate button

Some new product is available in the Milkcrate Digest store. Buttons. Series #1 is now available in packs of 5. Buy them now! –>Get me some buttons.

Milkcrate Digest #8

Milkcrate Digest #8

Milkcrate Digest #8 is available right now, and it didn’t even take 5 years! Back to the roots, milkcrate lifestyle. NEW! – Buy it now. 

Milkcrate #1 – reissue

Milkcrate Digest #1

After over 12 years, the Original kick off, Milkcrate Digest #1 has returned. This re-issue is now available. Get it while it lasts.

Milkcrate #2 returns

Milkcrate Digest #2

After almost 12 years, Milkcrate Digest #2 is back. The is the remastered version, but with the original cover. Get it while it lasts.