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Milk Crate Stool

MSutters sent in this awesome little milkcrate stool that he made, and documented on flickr. –> Milk Crate Stool

Crate Flicks


Screen shot 2009-10-15 at 3.31.30 PM


Flickr has everything and the milk crate photos are expanding on the daily. These three are just the tip of the iceberg, but represent some of the range. The top one is titled “Doggie Crate” by Chewie2008. The 2nd one is simply called “Milk Crate” by Channel_Mixer. Lastly we have “Milk Crates as shelvesat the Jubilee” by Warmest Regards. Go see their work, spread the milkcrate image love.

3D Texture Crates


Robbie Crabtree sent this in and I’m loving this. Milkcrate texture maps in fully rendered 3D splendor. See more of his work on his flickr page. –> Robbie Crabtree’s Flickr

Crate Stuck in the Tree


Poodly on Flickr shot this odd scene from Australia. See more on his photostream.

Crate Pattern Love


Chris Lemmen’s photoblog recently featured this great detail shot of a milkcrate. –> See more at his photoblog

Crates in Nepal, can you carry more?


How many crates can you carry in Nepal? No way you can beat this dude. –> Sent in by Jay Yarrow original photo by¬†Wonker at Flickr, this photo on Flickr here –> Human Forklift

the Milkcrate Graveyard

These are some old photos, from a early issue of Milkcrate Digest starring Andrew Jeffrey Wright.

I guess this is a milkcrate


This kind of home made looking crate is quite interesting. It’s pretty clearly made by someone who has seen a milk crate before, kind of old – but not too old. – via lamanyana on flickr

The Milkcrate Kid


This kid is gonna be awesome. He has his Dad to thank. Matt Burga spotted and shot this in Australia (i think) and sent it in. Thanks Matt. via–> Matt Burga’s Flickr

Milkcrate Saw Feed Roller


Cheap wheels and a few milkcrates makes a nice cheap solution to expensive feed rollers that you’d buy at places like this for $329.99. –> via Toolmonger, A Cheap(-Ass) Saw Feed Roller