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Beautiful Crate Photo


Kamran Channa, from Australia (I think), shot this great shot of a man and his milk crate seat. See more of Kamran’s work here –>Kamran Channa @

Super Crate Tunnel, Belgium

I’ve written about this duo before and I’ve been saving this project for a sunny day. Winter/Hoerbelt’s 2003 project at the Beaufort Exhibition, in Belgium. This crate tunnel may not be dairy crates, but it’s damn impressive. –> translated article about the piece, and the photos page

RISD Ceramics Hearts Milkcrates

Esquire Magazine did a nice little photo shoot with a group of graduating RISD students. In the back of one of these photos, in the ceramics studio shows the love of milkcrates from the school. RISD is where Milkcrate Digest got it’s start by the way. –> Intelligent Design

Milkcrate furniture

Milkcrate furniture

Apartment wrote a great little piece about the transformative milkcrate and it’s many uses by designers and artists. Some of these works have already been seen here on Milkcrate (we are on the crate edge of the milkcrate lifestyle…but you know this) –> Reusing Milk Crates

Art making with metal(crates)

Fine art and metal(crates)

I don’t know why the scultor’s web site is called blue sloth. But, he makes some crazy stuff out of metal and he is fond of milkcrates. I’ve even posted about his once in the past. The pic above, shows the use of an old school metal milkcrate – the roots run deep. –> Tools of the Trade

Factory Fresh milkcrate print

Factory Fresh

A good buddy sent this my way. I love this print above, and these guys seem to have the milk crate spirt within them. –> Factory Fresh

Peter Simensky’s plywood milkcrate art

Peter Simensky's plywood milkcrates

I often mock those who pay for milkcrates. I’m usually talking about the people who buy those fake milkcrates from the big box stores. This is altogether different. Peter Simensky created the above crates for Artware in a limited edition of 100. They go for the bargain price of $1500. I say get them if you can, and ask him to send me one for the love of the form. –> Artware Editions –> I saw this here at –> Lacy Volk’s plywood milk crate

Cratehouse for Castleford: milkcrate tower in Yorkshire, England

Cratehouse for Castleford: Photo by Jonty Wilde

Cratehouse for Castleford: Photo by Jonty Wilde

Cratehouse at Castleford: Photo by Porl Medlock Cratehouse at Castleford: Photo by Porl Medlock Cratehouse at Castleford: Photo by Porl Medlock

Milkcrate construction is one of my favorite subjects. This tower was built (and sadly was only up for about 6 months) at the Yorkshire, England in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. From the press release: “German artists Winter/Hörbelt were commissioned by Arts Council England, Yorkshire to create Cratehouse for Castleford, a beautiful, light-filled structure constructed from shipping containers and bottle crates.” I love stuff like this, and it inspires me to do more building. –> Cratehouse at Castleford press release from September 18th, 2006

Milk Truck Tonefloat music

Tone Float

This vehicle(?) is a moving music making machine powered by the sound of milk bottles. It was created for Walk the Plank for the inaugural and very first Manchester Art Car Parade. –> Story from MakeZine here –> Tonefloat website

Street Musicians love milkcrates

Crate Seated Guitarist

Photographer Shawn Grimes shoots pictures of street entertainers. The above photo, of a milk crate seated guitar player caught my attention. See more at his website –>Shutter On The