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Crate Side Tables At The Movies

At the Speak Easy Cinema in Melbourne, Australia they had a problem. Where do I put my drink? They found the answer in the milkcrate. With the help of some scrap plywood, signboard and even some cupboard doors (with handles still on) they managed to create a slew of tables to make the viewing experience a little better. Thanks Ben (from Speak Easy Cinema for sending this in).

Crate forms in upcoming Fantastic Mr. Fox


Wes Anderson is adapting Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox and what you see here are some images from the trailer. I’ve never seen apple crates in real life, but now I want to. Thanks to Alex Aranovich for the images and info. –> The trailer on You Tube & Fantastic Mr. Fox movie info on IMDB

fantasitic-mr-fox mrfox_crate-01 mrfox_crate-03

Amazon selling milkcrates?


Amazon is now selling milkcrates through one of their resellers, Advantage Gripware. They are selling for $14.95 which seems kind of high considering that I usually pick these up for nothing. Buy one now –>milkcrate on Amazon

Wall-E & milkcrates

Wall-E still

Wall-E milkcrate still

Wall-E milkcrate detail

I was really late to see Wall-E. Not for any particular reason…I guess it was just a busy time. Last weekend I finally went and saw it, and I was honestly blown away. Pixar is just so damn good at what they do. The trailers do not do the movie justice at all. The story is cute, but the visuals (especially early on) are seriously intense. Once again, the good people at Pixar have embraced the milkcrate. They did it in Toy Story (watch trailer), and here again they have represented the milk crate in film.