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Girls Saves Puppies and Milkcrate from Shipwreck


Laura Hughes (below) saved 9 puppies in a miraculous effort by balancing a milkcrate filled with nine Rottwieler puppies while swimming ashore after her boat capsized. Two other dogs swam on their own and their were no casualties. Thank goodness she kept a milkcrate on board! Also, this is an amazing headline. –> British sailing woman swam ashore with puppies on head via


Crate cuteness!

Cuter by the Hour

Cute Overload

This little kitty in a milkcrate came by way via Cuter By The Hour. That got me thinking, I should check Cute Overload for crate pics…and then I found the above picture of the little doggie in the milk crate. –> Waiting for the Milk Delivery –> The redonkulousness continues…

Put that dog to work

Crate Dog Cart

Dog post party – This was found and never posted – detailed instructions and how to train your pooch here –> Draft Vehicles

Crate doggy

Alex's baby

Long time Milkcrate Digest contributor and one-time cover model Alex Aranovich sent these pics of his little hairy kid. Click the photo to view.