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‘Helpful’ Man Steals ‘Stolen’ Milk Crate

I love this craig’s list post. A man was carrying home vintage milk crates (no mention of where he obtained them) two helpful men offered to assist him and one walked off with the best one of the bunch. He posts this to recover his stolen property.

from the post:

I was carrying home some vintage milk crates this morning and struggling to juggle them all. Two amazing trash collectors offered to help me carry them to my apt down the street, and an older gentleman expressed interest in my crates and then proceeded to walk off with one of them! If you know anyone who “found” a vintage Hood milk crate on Cooper St. this morning – He actually took the nicest of the bunch and should really give it back.

Desparately seeking

seeking this crate

Things have finally been updated. The MD store is up and selling, the site structure has been reworked, and I’m actually writing something. So, without further patting of one’s self on the back, I give you milkcrate news and notes.

I got an email from a person in Singapore. He is a lover of milkcrates and is seeking a crate that looks like the photo above. If you have knowledge of this crate he is interested in obtaining here. His description: “I am searching for a very specifc milk crate from the USA which can be seen in the photo. Oval openings on all faces, handle openings on two sides only. Three rows of slots on upper edge.Contact me and I will forward you to him. Thanks, stay tuned for more. I believe this photo is from the movie E.T.