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Storage As Art

In 2009 LACMA exhibited ‘Storage Piece’ by Haegue Yang as a part of the ‘Your Bright Future’ show. The piece is a performance/installation piece that reveals itself over the run of the exhibit. At first it’s a pile of milkcrates (Korean crates, not sure if it’s strictly milk) and then during off hours, they unpack the art. Unpacking Storage Piece via the LACMA Blog. You can read more about this piece on Haegue Yang’s site.

Get Your Own Milkcrates Made

I’ve been asked over and over about how it’s legal/illegal or ethically/socially acceptable to steal/borrow milkcrates for personal use. This is an age old debate – but if you’d rather take the high road, hit up Farmplast in Fairfield, New Jersey and have them make some milkcrates just for you. I’ve explored this before, believe me and most companies (aside from thinking that I was insane) only do truckloads of milkcrates per order. These guys are willing to do small orders. So, go and be “legal” – buy milkcrates. Me, I think I’ll just keep on keepin’ on.

Makers Know Milkcrates

I’ve been a fan of Make Magazine since its inception. They and their kind simply know what’s up and are constantly surprising me with the amazing work in both the print and online versions. One thing I noticed lately is that every time they do a little behind the scenes thing with photos of a given ‘makers’ studio, there is inevitably a milkcrate involved. This is a testament to the maker lifestyle and another proof that the milkcrate is one of the most useful objects in this modern world. Madagascar-Style Mechanical Bulls In Progress & Maker Faire Detroit: Interview with John Dunivant of Theatre Bizarre via Make Magazine

Crate Stories Through Photography

Nagano Toyokazu is a very talented photographer with a cute family to boot. He creates amazing stories in his photos. I was personally taken with the two above, but there is a ton of great stuff on his Flickr. –>Sweet Sisters Growing Up In Japan via Design You Trust

Portable Urban Garden

So, you need to create a garden in an urban environment.
The only space available to you is a area than has planned construction, and you’ll need to move your plants as soon as they start.
Milkcrates make anything possible.

The New York restaurant Wichcraft, had this exact problem. Milkcrates to the rescue. It’s actually quite impressive. I know in New York, they often lock up their milkcrates – I wonder if they stole them in New Jersey? –>A portable Urban Farm, Made Entirely Out of Milk Crates via Fast Company

Got Crates?

I was already an NBA fan, and this one sealed the deal. I’ve had this scan of a “Got Milk?” ad featuring Avery Johnson (then coach of the Dallas Mavericks and Josh Howard (then player of the Dallas Mavericks ) from EPSN Magazine for some time–I have no idea why I never posted it.

Found Crate

I stumbled, I mean found, this image on If anyone knows more about it I’d love to give proper credit.

Le Tour de Milk Crate, 2011

Eugene bicyclist is kicking ass and shooting photos of the amazing Le Tour de Milk Crate, 2011. He’s taken to the streets and is shooting everything milkcrate related. I won’t steal all his thunder, but I have to post a few gems from his blog here. Check out the full tour here–>Le Tour de Milk Crate, 2011 via Eugene Bicyclist

Comedy Central Presents Milkcrates

I was checking out some old stand-up on Netflix. I found my way to Comedy Central Presents: Adam Ferrara. You can probably tell by his outfit, but it was 1998. The background features a slew of milk crates. I’m not sure, but I think they were trying to recreate some New York rooftop scene.

Crate Horror Game

Phantasmat is a Mac/PC horror type game that uses elaborate illustrated scenes to take you through a creepy hotel mystery. The crummy bedroom scene (above) contains a milkcrate. –>Learn more about Phantasmat